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Technology Senate Bangla 2019 ~ Enabling The Indo-Bangladesh Digital Confluence

Key Highlights:

1. Some are going for digital transformation to change the organizational process, some are doing it because their competitors are doing it, but when one witnesses how ROI flows in due to digitalization, one realizes it’s value.
2. It is important to understand what we want to achieve with digitization. It should not be implemented just for the sake of it. Digital transformation should be designed in such a way so that it is a smooth and steady journey for the customers.
3. Digital transformation is vastly spread across three tenets- digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation. It is a process.
4. We should consider current trends when designing digitization. Going by the trends, Bangladesh is well poised to bring about digital transformation. When it comes to banks, customers have to be reached, and they should not be required to come to the bank.
5. Customers are the main components of digital transformation. It is a must to consider that with digitization common man should benefit. The corporate should be able to give back the information to the customers.
6. Digital transformation has a different meaning for different people. If digitization does not impact or help people, it is of no use.

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