Panel Discussion: How Government Departments can Leverage Emerging Technologies to Create Benchmarks in eGovernance

Technology Sabha 2023 | DAY 2 | 26th August 2023 I Crowne Plaza, Jaipur

Panelists in this video:
+ Sumnesh Joshi, DDG, Ministry of Communications, Government India
+ Dr Sanjay Kolte, CEO, Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited, Maharashtra
+ Prashant Kumar Mittal, Director – Director, Infrastructure, e-Services and IT Management, NeGD, MeitY
+ Shubham Gupta, CEO, Zila Parishad, Dhule, Maharashtra
+ Piyush Somani, Chairman and Managing Director, ESDS & President, CCICI

Moderator: Srikanth RP, Editor, Express Computer

Key Highlights:
[1] Sumnesh Joshi, DDG, Ministry of Communications, Govt of India:
+ In UIDAI, using AI and ML an algorithm is developed to detect the gummy fingers and this could detect fraudulent biometrics authentications
+In next 2 years, with the use of Digital Public Good Infrastructure, people would have all services as one click on smart phone in very convenient manner

[2] Dr Sanjay Kolte, CEO, Pune Smart City Development Corporation:
+ Technology is at the centre of smart city development. We have an integrated command and control centre wherein we monitor the entire city through smart cameras and receive regular feeds. Moreover, we have to ensure sustainability alongside technological advancements.

[3] Prashant Kumar Mittal, Director – Infrastructure, e-Services, and IT Management, NeGD, Ministry of IT, Govt of India:
+ While working on NREGA, we worked with banks and using data analytics we reduced failures up to 1% and improved timely payments up to 95%.
+ In times to come, everything that the government delivers should be paperless, cashless, and presenceless.

[4] Shubham Gupta, CEO, Zila Parishad, Dhule, Maharashtra:
+ We should develop an algorithm wherein the government should not have to wait for people to apply for schemes but we can automatically map right beneficiaries, register them, and deliver benefits to them directly.

[5] Piyush Somani, CMD, ESDS & President, CCICI:
+ Big jargons of the present-day IT industry should not bother government officers. They should rather focus on simpler solutions that can actually be easy to deploy, easy to operate, and bring out results. An example could be a ‘low code no code platform’.

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