Episode 4: TechVision with Manoj Chugh: Insights on the Future of Technology and it’s impact on business

CHAT SERIES | TechVision with Manoj Chugh, Industry Veteran

We’re glad you’re here for another episode of TechVision with Manoj Chugh, where we look at the most recent technical advancements and their impacts on business and gain insightful knowledge from an industry veteran. Manoj discussed how CIOs might advance themselves to assume business leadership roles in the last episode. in the third episode.

In the latest episode of the Tech Vision series, Manoj Chugh discusses the importance of developing and retaining IT talent. He highlights the significance of a well-executed talent strategy as a competitive differentiator in today’s rapidly changing work environment. With a shortage of tech talent and evolving customer needs, organisations must rethink their approach to talent management.

“Developing robust people and talent strategies is going to be among the highest-value actions a business can take,” says Chugh. An industry veteran, he emphasises the need to build robust people and talent strategies, focusing on areas such as skills development, workplace flexibility, mental health and wellness, effective training programmes, and fostering a culture of communication and transparency. He also suggests leveraging AI to identify and retain talent by recognising good work, creating individual development plans, and providing cross-training opportunities. By supporting employees holistically, organisations can boost satisfaction, productivity, and engagement. By joining us on this fascinating journey to learn from a true visionary and leader, you will get actionable strategies to cultivate and retain IT talent. Watch this space for more such insights.

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