CIO Panel Discussion: ‘How IT Leaders can Drive Business Innovation’

The Digital Leadership Symposium | 10th March 2023 | 6:30 PM Onwards | Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai

In this video:
CIO Panel Discussion on ‘How IT Leaders can Drive Business Innovation’

Moderator: Srikanth RP, Editor, Express Computer & CRN, The Indian Express Group

Key Highlights:

Meheriar Patel, Group CIO, Digital Solutions, Jeena & Company:
+ What is the innovation that you are driving within your organisation is the key fundamental part of any business.
+ For all IT leaders it is important to have a roadmap for a sustainable business.
+ Making your investors happy is the key for any successful organisation.

Dhaval Pandya, Corporate CIO, Piramal Enterprises:
+ Culture is one of the most important things to drive innovation.
+ Eye for detail and identifying the right need is the fundamental of innovation.
+ The four stages through which innovation go through is ideation, collaboration, implementation and value realisation.

Navin Nathani, GM & Head – IT, Transformation & Value Creation, Hindalco Industries:
+ Innovation is not an event, its a process.
+ Make Mantras not goal for a successful business.

Tejas Shah, Head – IT Applications, Prince Pipes & Fittings Ltd:
+ Innovation Is not only identifying the gaps but the process during innovation.
+ Process and innovation needs to be in sync within an organisation

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