Meet These 5 Indian AI Startups That Are Making The World A Better Place

The use of AI spreads through diverse sectors and there are some startups making good social use of the AI tool in crime reduction, healthcare, education, agriculture, and climate.
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‘Powered by Artificial Intelligence’- a common tagline used by most companies that gloat of using AI to solving business or customer problems. The use of AI is seen significantly in both B2B and B2C forms of business benefiting each in its own structure. 

The World Economic Forum also reveals the growth in the number of papers published on AI, Venture Capitalists placing their bets on AI startups and so many AI startups sprouting in the past few years. These startups explore a lot of different sectors and are very specific to the problem they are solving. 

Humans, being empathetic individuals have also explored sectors that could use AI for the greater benefit and in a way make the world a better place. These startups are the right mix of social cause and technology. 

5 Indian AI startups in India that were incepted with the thought of making a world a better place:

Staqu- AI tackling crime

This Gurugram based startup, founded by Atul Rai, is working with the Indian police to help mitigate crime by using AI-based facial recognition technology. India spent a whopping amount of $1.19 trillion on violence cost in 2017 as per a report by the Institute of Economics and Peace. Staqu wished to curb this problem that was having an impact on India’s economy. 

They built a facial recognition technology to identify criminals. How is it different from other facial recognition? Their AI-powered app helps police click a picture of the individual, upload on the app and immediately receive data. 

This app is being used by the Indian Army and the states of Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh. 

Blue Sky Analytics- Providing data on climate change

Climate change is one of the most pressing concerns of our time and taking action against it is imperative. Co-founded by Abhilasha Purwar and Kshitij Parwar, Blue Sky Analytics is a space tech startup that provides global stakeholders with environmental data by using AI-enabled solutions. Real-time data provided by them is high resolution and high frequency that can help take environmental decisions to reduce air pollution. 

They provide environmental data such as air quality data with predictions for the next three days, comparison of data and news about air quality. 

Intello Labs- Quality check with AI app

The Indian Agrarian crisis has been one of the worst ever leading to grave situations such as crop failures and farmer suicides. The agriculture sector is the most important one since it grows the most basic survival requirement- food. Contributing to 18% of India’s GDP, the agriculture sector is in need of attention and some efforts have already begun. 

Intello Labs is an AI-based agritech startup that provides solutions such as image detection, analysis, grading and testing of the commodities. They also offer testing and grading of corn, tomato, wheat, potato, onions, and soybean. Founded by Milan Sharma in 2016, the company has developed an app that allows farmers to click pictures of the commodity, upload it on the app and get a report on its quality. 

Leverage Edu- Helping students make decisions

In the last two decades, there has been a major transformation in the education sector of the country. More and more course options are finding their way to colleges and universities. However, there is not enough guidance provided to students on their aptitude and what course options can they explore. 

Leverage Edu is founded by Akshay Chaturvedi (CEO) and is aimed at mentoring students and also navigate them through college admission processes for professionals as well as high schoolers. The startup has an app that uses AI to match students profile with courses offered at different colleges that best suit their requirements. Once it has matched students, they are connected with an expert to take things forward. There are subjective and objective parameters upon which the app judges what is suited for the student.

In a teenager’s words, the dilemma of ‘what to do with my life’ would be solved and moreover, the right people will be headed to their best-suited profession. 

Niramai- Detecting Breast Cancer 

There has been a strong resistance seen in women to have regular breast check-ups done and with rising cases of breast cancer, it has become more important to spread awareness. 

A simple mammogram is useful for detecting breast cancer in older women but there have been more cases in young women as well. Early diagnosis of cancer in any form would be recommended. With breast cancer, there is a 99% chance of survival. 

‘Thermalytix’ is Niramai’s solution that makes use of AI technology. A thermal sensing device scans the chest area like a camera which solves the privacy and touch problem that makes women hesitant to go for tests. Once the scan is produced to the pathologist, early signs of cancer can be detected. 

What makes this different? Tumors that are 5 times smaller are also detected by this technology. Other clinical examinations don’t offer that. For small towns, this is of more benefit as there isn’t heavy equipment involved for setting up. 

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The advancement of technology is great to make human lives more convenient but for bigger causes, it can be even more fruitful. For a market that is so welcoming to AI, startups using it for nobler causes are a positive boost to the economy.

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    I have worked with many AI startups in my career and I must say that Staqu is the most amazing that anyone can work with.

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