We want to create a ‘NetFlix’ like experience for our enterprise clients: Avinash Joshi, CEO, NTT India

In 2020, global giant NTT, announced the merger of three of its business entities namely NTT India Pvt. Ltd., NTT Com India, and Netmagic into a single organization. Each entity brought complementary strengths. The combined entity had Netmagic (a leader in data center and cloud services), NTT (which had an NLD license), and Dimension Data (a leader in system integration and a large player in managed services).

In January 2022, NTT Ltd appointed Avinash Joshi as the India CEO, and entrusted him with the responsibility of end-to-end go-to-market, sales, delivery, operations, and profitability for NTT Ltd in India. Interestingly, Avinash Joshi was appointed at a time when the operations of NTT Group had undergone a significant reorganization and strategic consolidation of business activities. Express Computer recently spoke with Avinash Joshi, as he shares his vision for transforming NTT to create a ‘Netflix like experience’ in the enterprise for its customers

Avinash, since you have joined, what have been your observations on the growth opportunities for NTT in India?

I believe that as a company, our story is largely untold. If you look at the ecosystem, you will be hard pressed to find a company that has the breadth and depth of our expertise and offerings. From data centers to cloud to applications to the connecting infrastructure, we have an end-to-end story. We have strong belief in the India growth story, which is witnessing unprecedented digitization and adoption of cutting-edge technologies. We are building a strong foundation to tap these opportunities and power our next level of growth.

Since the merger of the entities, what has been the progress? What are some of the synergies that are extremely beneficial?
We have benefited from the strengths that each individual company brings. The system integrator business can leverage our strengths in data centers, and vice versa. We have several deals that showcase how every entity is contributing to the growth of the other entity. Recently, for a financial services firm, we won a managed services contract due to our deep engagement on the data center side. This is complemented by a comprehensive range of managed infrastructure services, including on premise services, including services like collaboration, network management and security. We are hiring a lot of people, and have hired more than 500+ people in sales and technical related roles in the past three months.

In the next 2-3 years, what is your vision for NTT India?
As we undertake massive infrastructure and capacity building, we are looking forward to making a difference in the marketplace. We aspire to become the employer of choice in the next 18-24 months. We want NTT India to be the best place to work for in India. We want to improve the skillsets of all our employees on an ongoing basis, so that every person who joins our company will feel that he or she is always learning something. We have conceived a ‘Women Empowerment’ initiative that encourages women who have taken a break to return back to work. We want to continue to expand our data center capacities and between now and 2024, seven data centers will come up. We will use the best of technologies to ensure that our data centers are energy efficient and sustainable. For our clients, we want to be remembered for the experience we provide, and we would like to create a ‘NetFlix’ like experience for our enterprise clients

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