How ‘Work from Home’ solution increased 50% productivity for Ashvil Finance

The company decided to deploy Tentacle solution, which enabled to use a work-from-home model.The company took new processes from existing clients in new locations, with no requirement of office

Gone are the days, when work from home considered as an unproductive way of working. Now, technology solutions enabling productive digital workspaces are becoming the new norms for the companies. Such is the scenario at  Pune-based Ashvil Finance with initial branches in Aurangabad & Nashik. The company sells financial products including credit cards, personal loans, home loans, car loans etc. The firm was dependent on a raw process  i.e. telecallers and team-leaders operating using printouts & mobile phones. The process resulted in inaccurate reports, no actionable insights, and no methods of measurement.

The company was aware of the fact that it was operating with poor ROI, but didn’t know how to go about improving it, or, what tools to use. Existing solutions involved large upfront capex and required IT expertise. The company was also registering a high operating cost with several employee layers including team members, team leaders, group managers etc.  but was clueless about whether they were adding value to the firm. Ashvil Finance was looking for a centralized calling from a single location but clients spread across geographies, and a way to track field-force or monitoring the entire process of lead generation through till sales closure.

The company decided to deploy Tentacle solution, which provides live call reports, analytics and call recordings that easily allows monitoring from a centralized location. The solution also enables integration between Telecaller, feet-on-street and managers. The implementation enabled to use a work-from-home model.

Ashvil Finance now has a small local training office where they train new agents. After completing training, the agents work from home and the manager monitors from centralized locations. Due to ease of monitoring, Ashvil could eliminate unnecessary team-leaders, and instead have hired more sales and feet-on-street to directly impact bottom line.

The quantitative results after the deployment was registered as 50% productivity increase within six months. The company took new processes from existing clients in new locations, with no requirement of office. Ashvil has now expanded geographies to 3 new cities and 4 offices within a year.

“Using Tentacle has helped me manage my business operations and I am on track with all developments, updates and every minute detail. My entire process, right from lead generation to sale closures, has become completely transparent. Team efficiency and productivity has also increased and I have the pulse of the entire process. I can now calculate my ROI and take effective, informed decisions. It’ll not be wrong to say that Ashvil Finance has grown with the help of Tentacle,” said Vilhas Dussani, Director at Ashvil Finance.

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