Soft Skills Tips That Can Earn You Your Next Promotion!

Try These Hacks With Your Team And Win Their Hearts! 

 Quoting the great entrepreneur Richard Branson, “Respect is how to treat everyone, not just those you want to impress.” Reprimanding employees have become quite a prevalent practice these days and the results, in the long run, aren’t quite productive and pacifying per se. 

However, there are times when things go out of hand and certain inappropriate behavior might call for reprimanding your team members. The trick and the secret sauce lies in managing or taking care of those employees who are manageable and sensible. Here’s highlighting a few hacks that might help you reprimand your employees at ease:

  • Empathy

Mistakes are made by humans and employees making mistakes are pretty much a common affair. There might be occasions when your team member walks in late or leaves behind an unfinished task. In order to deal with such a situation, the employer has to ensure that he is in the right state of mind. Some tips include reminding yourselves as to how fortunate you are to be working with that team member.

In most cases, this practice is sure to calm down employers and ensure that there are no major embarrassments involved. It’s imperative to meet the team members in a private environment. It’s advisable for all managers to be compassionate, thus giving them a chance to explain their situation. Let’s have a look at what Bill Gates has to say.

  • Listen To your team members!

If the employers are sure that they have hired the right people, then they must be given ample opportunities to speak as much as they want to. Bob Cooper, President, Elite World, says that when the right kind of team members are hired, they will eventually begin to take responsibility for their actions, and also acknowledge if they made any mistakes, within a few minutes.

  • Speak with Employees With An Open Mind

Once the employees have begun setting down after venting their anger and frustrations, the employer needs to learn more about what happened and why. In this case, probably asking why did the team member get late, and if the reasons were genuine enough, then the employee shouldn’t be charged. Experts say that this exercise helps employers understand what caused their employees’ misbehavior and it would also help discover how things could be done or handled differently.

  • Take Action That’s Appropriate

Listening and talking to your team members would be fruitful only when appropriate actions are being taken. Let’s try to analyse the current situation.

  1. After talking to the team member, if the employer feels that his team members’ getting late was a genuine affair, then he must be excused for sure. However, there must be an assurance of not repeating the same again.
  2. The team member has to be told in clear terms that the employer is pretty much aware of their wrongdoings, however the company respects and trusts them that that the same won’t happen again.
  3. The reprimand has to be properly documented
  • Employee Encouragement Is Pivotal

An an employer, it’s extremely essential that they separate the behavior from the person. This signifies that their behavior is faulty and not them as a person. They have to be intimated that the company admires them as a person and would also like to work with them in the future years. 

What to Do Then?

For an employer or every organisation for that matter, it’s beneficial and advisable to hire the right people and frequently make the effort of praising them often. This kind of practices often result in employees hold a positive thought for their employers even when they are not in the organisation anymore. 

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