Google To Come Up With A New Feature Similar To ‘AirDrop’

It was even rumoured that Google would be coming up an AirDrop rival, seems that Google is finally rolling out the feature

It’s rumoured that Google is likely to launch its Apple AirDrop feature in August for the users of Android. The file-sharing feature, called as the AirDrop allows Apple users to send and receive pictures, videos, and other important features. It was even said that Google would be coming up with an AirDrop rival and finally it seems like the day has come. Experts have even said that Google has almost completed testing the Nearby Share feature and might soon release next month. 

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A GSM Arena report states that The AirDrop like feature would likely be called as the Nearby Share tool. It’s also noted that the tool is currently available in the Beta version and would be running on Android 6 and the newer versions. Just earlier in this month, it was being reported that Google has finally confirmed that it’s developing the Nearby share feature. The tech giant said that they are currently conducting a beta test of a new Nearby Share feature, that it plans to share more information on it in the future. They also said that their goal is to launch the feature with support for Android 6+ devices, and also on other platforms. 

This new tool, Nearby Share would let Android devices exchange files and folders, that is quite similar to how Apple lets its devices iPhone, iPad, and Mac for exchanging files and folders without any hassles. It’s further reported that developers have gotten their hands on the beta version of the feature and they have also reported that in order to send or receive files, one would first have to switch the Nearby toggle feature on. Using this feature, users can send pictures, videos, files and other folders simply by tapping the share button. Much similar to that of Bluetooth, Nearby Share would also be showing the list of users that have the nearby feature on in their Android devices. 

This new feature would pretty much be similar to Shareit, the app that was being banned by the Indian Government a few weeks ago. Now, with the Nearby Share feature, users might get controls like one can control whether one wants to receive files from anyone in the vicinity, or just by browsing the contacts that are added to the phone, additionally users also have the option of sending files to people that are not on their contact list. Also, if one doesn’t want to be discovered by just anyone, one can then make changes in the Quick Settings menu. 

For this, and also to ensure that security and privacy is maintained, a user would accept first if he wants to receive files from a particular device. On receiving approval, users can receive files from another device, in order to avoid unnecessary interactions with unknown users. 

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