Dhiraj Gyani joins IndiaTech.org as Senior Director- Policy & Operations

Dhiraj Gyani, one of the most experienced industry leaders in the Indian IT ecosystem, has joined IndiaTech.org in the role of Senior Director – Policy & Operations. With over 20+ years of extensive experience in Business Growth, Enterprise Marketing, Business Strategies, and Government Relations, Dhiraj brings a wealth of expertise and a proven track record of success.

Says Dhiraj on his new role, “Its not very uncommon these days to make your passion your profession! After 20+ years of the corporate ho-hum, I’m following my passion of being able to shape/influence policies at the grass-root level. What makes this new journey even more endearing for me is, I will be able to contribute to the journey of a lot of startups and entrepreneurs that are innovating and contributing to Digital India. The Indian startup ecosystem is one of the fastest growing in the world. They are not just building technology for 1.4 Billion Indians but are leading the way for world to follow. The Government has played a pivotal role in enabling this growth and at IndiaTech.org we are committed to partnering with StartUps and Government to help India realise its full potential of growth, innovation and prosperity. I am super excited to be part of IndiaTech’s vision and looking forward to collaborating with all startup founders, VC’s and policy makers.”

In the past, Dhiraj Gyani has demonstrated a growth-focused leadership style throughout his career, excelling in diverse industries such as IT, Education, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, and Infrastructure Development. With a passion for Inclusion and Compliance, Dhiraj has been a persuasive advocate both internally and externally. He has effectively cultivated and sustained globally diverse teams, prioritizing their motivation and growth mindset while consistently achieving desired outcomes.

In his previous role as Director of Government Affairs & Education Business (GitHub), Dhiraj fostered and evangelized GitHub to Government, Academia, and startups. He served as a legislative advisor, implementing strategic regulatory strategies to gain government endorsement and adoption. Dhiraj played a pivotal role in driving the usage of GitHub in several projects of National Importance, including CoWin and Aarogya Setu. He partnered with esteemed institutions like AICTE, IITs, and conglomerates to advocate for GitHub, contributing significantly to making India the largest education ecosystem on the platform.

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