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At a time when a lot of disruptions have happened in the travel sector, there are these travel tech startups that have become really famous and popular. Here’s a download.
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Reports state that the travel tech industry has been going through a massive boom in the past 7  years. These days, Indians have access to greater disposable incomes, which leads more people to pack their bags and head out to explore exotic destinations.

Also, if one comes to think of it, there has been a lot of change in the trend of how people travel these days. Earlier, people used to travel with families, and there has been a massive change in the trend, as these days there are more and younger solo professionals that are taking more and more vacations this year.

Come, let’s have a look at the top Indian travel tech startups that have disrupted the way Indians travel around the globe.


One of the largest community travellers in the world, Tripoto has been quite a popular name of late. Through their website, you get a chance to share your amazing travel experiences, unique trips, and travel itineraries by other travellers, and also connect with travellers from across the globe, through their website. 

Tripoto soon aims to become the largest source of crowdsourced travel content in the world.


Thrillophilia is one of the unique travel tech startup, which exclusively deals with activities that are related to adventure on a pan-India level. This is one of the biggest online platforms for activities and fun travel things to do. As of now, the website has more than 8000 activities that are listed from over 3500 operators across 200 cities in India and more than 15 countries in Asia. 

An interesting feature of the website is the ‘Adventure Bible’, that provides various informations between the explored and unexplored regions.


Imagine landing into an unknown city, and not knowing what exactly you must do. Matters get worse when you don’t know anyone in the city. Nearify, founded in 2012, aims to solve that problem. Through the Nearify app, users get information on events that are happening around them. All you need to do is just type in the name of your city, and you would discover meet-ups, workshops, music concerts, and other events happening closeby.


The West has a very common practice of hop-on-hop-off buses. Here, people can hop in at a bus, and get off at a destination of their choice, without having to be bound by fixed plans or complex reservations.

This concept has been bought to India now, where the company has a fleet of buses across different states and one can buy passes for a fixed number of days. 


A website that allows all travellers to book holiday homes and homestays, instead of hotels and resorts. The travellers get to stay in large spacious family homes, in the most beautiful places of the world. The owner wanted his idea to reach the world, where he began by creating a simple website, where owners of private homes could create a simple profile for their property, and then correspond with like-minded families, interested in staying in their homes. 


Purchasing forex often leads to chaos. As you have to find a reliable money charger first, and it involves lugging all of your documentation to their office, to find out the rate that is far from good. 

With ExTravelMoney that works with forex dealers across the country, it brings out the best available exchange rate in the market, for that day. You just need to log in to the website, state your forex requirement, and you get connected with the nearby forex dealer.


Trip38 is a popular travel tech startup that combines the power of mobile and travel to deliver superior consumer experience, with regards to local content, once your booking is confirmed. Startup Trip38 is a mobile-first travel tech solutions provider. It aims to redefine how consumers explore the destination. This would work anywhere in the world since they provide real-time local content, irrespective of how the booking is done.

Some Stats

Reports state that the travel and tourism sector in India grew more in 2018 than all other economic sectors. They added around $8.8 trillion in the last financial year to the GDP. With the emergence of such startups, their contributions to GDP would rise too. 

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