AI arms law enforcement agencies and intelligence organisations

Innefu Labs, an AI-driven tech startup, developing predictive intelligence and cybersecurity solutions for the Indian Army, intelligence agencies and para military forces, has also located 3000 missing children for Delhi Police - a use case of AI for social welfare

New Delhi headquartered Innefu Labs is an AI-driven company whose clientele ranges from paramilitary forces to wings of the Indian Army, from multiple state police departments to the largest central intelligence organisation in the country. The R&D startup is focused on cybersecurity product development with capabilities in data analytics/information security/video and image analytics.

Tarun Wig, Co-founder, Innefu Labs

“Eight years back I and my friend Abhishek Sharma, started on a journey to develop technology which could bring change into how organisations handle data. While most of the organisations in the country were focused on providing services, we wanted to focus on developing state-of-the-art products indigenously in the country,” says Tarun Wig, Co-founder, Innefu Labs.

Innefu Labs develops cutting edge technology to carry out predictive intelligence and cybersecurity solutions. The company which started with a team of ten people working out of the living room of a house is today more than 100 people strong with clients spread across three different continents. “Innefu today serves four out of top 10 corporates in the country apart from serving some of the largest and most critical law enforcement and intelligence organisations in South East Asia,” states Wig. Some of the key milestones are:

  • Deployment of a statewide data monitoring system with 100 per cent delivery, in 2012
  • In 2012-13, the startup played an instrumental role with a government organisation in tracking GhostNet attacks in India and were able to identify 496 organisations which had been compromised using 122 C&C Centres
  • Cracked a hacking cell operating from three different countries and hacking into Indian users
  • Implemented globally the biggest authentication security framework for two million users
  • The first Indian company to implement predictive intelligence framework across five different LEA and financial fraud investigation agencies

Pointing out that a lot of results they produce is confidential, Wig recounts a significant milestone in 2018. “Our biggest achievement was when Delhi Police used our video and image analytics solutions to identify 3000 missing children from Lost & Found Database of 100k+ within four days of deployment. A case study which was touted all over the world as a first actual use case of AI for social welfare.”

Speaking about the key products and solutions for law enforcement agencies and intelligence organisations, Wig informs that at Innefu, there is a same underlying AI framework used across their three different products –

Prophecy – Big Data Analytics: Prophecy is an AI-driven framework specifically tailored for predictive intelligence and predictive policing. The solution is deployed across multiple law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Prophecy ingests data from multiple sources including raw documents, forms, PDFs, etc., apart from other relational databases in one big data lake. “The solution augments the dataset with a lot of data extracted from Open Source databases and extracts intelligence from raw data. While it was initially only available for LEAs, we have recently released Prophecy versions for retail analytics, insurance fraud and cybersecurity,” adds Wig.

Vision – Video and Image Analytics: Vision is a video and image analytics solution which takes data from live CCTV cameras, apart from images and recorded videos and automatically provides alerts to the analyst on the identification of a known criminal, identification of weapons, unclaimed bags, etc. Wig points out that the solution has multiple models for security and surveillance including detection of an unauthorised individual, trespassing in a secure area, fence breach, etc.

AuthShield : Authentication Security: AuthShield is a unified authentication platform which integrated Facial and Thumbprint Biometrics with standard 2FA solutions including Push notifications, OTPs, SMS and email OTPs, etc.

Highlighting an implementation he is particularly proud of, Wig says, “Our biggest deployment was to the largest paramilitary force in the world. We were able to integrate multiple data sources to provide a 360 degree of the organisation and the ecosystem. The data sources were disparate and unstructured. We were able to draw intelligence from this raw data and help the decision-making process of the organisation.”

The predictive intelligence solutions are helping organisations in –

· Force preparedness
· Resource deployment
· Quick decision making
· Explorative investigations

Innefu Labs has a strong focus on research and innovation to bring cutting-edge solutions to law enforcement agencies. “With domain expertise of eight years, we are continuously looking at making life easy for LEAs. Our tools today can cut down the investigation time by one fourth and we are continuously working towards reducing it further,” he affirms.

“We are also looking at taking our existing solutions in different geographies and in verticals other than LEA and intelligence agencies,” reveals Wig.The future plans include creating an AI framework which can be used by individuals (and not just organisations) to analyse their own patterns and optimise their daily tasks.

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