AI-powered tools can provide valuable insights about consumer preferences: Ranjan Kumar, Founder and CEO, Entropik

Established in 2016, Entropik is an Artificial Intelligence powered market research company that analyzes human behaviour by bridging the gap between humans and technology. The company has its presence across North America, Europe, the Middle East, India, and South-East Asia. 

In an exclusive interaction with Express Computer, Ranjan Kumar, Founder and CEO of Entropik talks about how his company leverages AI to derive insights and value from data, strategies to drive growth and the future of lAI-powered tools can provide valuable insights into consumer preference intelligence in sales and marketing. 

  • What role does AI play in the products and services offered by Entropik?

At Entropik, AI plays an important role in shaping our products. We have built AI technologies of  Facial Coding, Eye Tracking and Voice AI to help brands understand consumer preference, better faster. We currently own 17 approved patent claims on the subject.

  • What are the core products and services offered by Entropik, and how do they address the needs of their customers?

Entropik offers a range of cutting-edge AI-powered products that enable brands to understand and engage with their customers more effectively. Our core offerings include:

Decode: Decode is an integrated end-to-end Consumer Research platform helping Brands unlock deep insights out of their past Quantitative and Qualitative research interviews. It has a research repository which captures and collates all past and present consumer conversations. It also has the ability to integrate all existing research findings, reviews and feedback, making collaboration a breeze. Further, Voice AI transcribes the interviews in 58 languages and can translate further in 135 language. 

Decode also brings together Qualitative and Quantitative research under one roof, enabling brands to conduct all types of research on a single platform. They can conduct surveys, focus group discussions and in-depth interviews and analyze the data with AI-generated highlights, tags, action items and summaries. 

Qatalyst: An all-in-one user research platform that offers remote testing (moderated and unmoderated) with quick turnaround time to help product teams make informed decisions based on user-centric insights, from idea to launch.​ You can conduct various types of testing (such as prototype testing or A/B testing, among others) and seamlessly import designs from Figma, Invision, and Sketch to test design and prototypes.

Qatalyst also provides rich, bias-free actionable insights by measuring not only stated responses, screen recordings and click data, but also users’ emotions and behavior through Facial Coding, Eye Tracking, and Voice AI.

Through these offerings, Entropik enables brands to get 4x faster and actionable insights. Brands can deeply understand the customers’ needs, improve product design, enhance marketing strategies, and ultimately deliver exceptional customer experiences.

  • How does Entropik leverage AI to derive insights and value from data?

Entropik leverages AI to derive meaningful insights and significant value from data. Our AI algorithms process vast amounts of unstructured data, such as facial expressions, eye movements, and voice tonality, to uncover hidden emotional and behavioral patterns. 

By employing these techniques, we identify and categorise emotions accurately. This enables our customers to make data-driven decisions, develop personalised marketing campaigns, optimise user experiences, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

  •  What is the future of artificial intelligence with respect to sales and marketing functions? 

The future of artificial intelligence in sales and marketing is incredibly promising. AI has the potential to revolutionise how brands interact with their customers, offering unmatched opportunities for personalisation, customer segmentation, and predictive analytics. 

By leveraging AI algorithms, brands can automate and streamline various sales and marketing processes. It enables marketing teams to deliver personalised and targeted messaging, campaigns and recommendations at scale. Additionally, AI-powered tools can provide valuable insights into consumer preferences, enabling brands to predict customer needs, optimise pricing strategies, and drive revenue growth. 

Overall, AI has the capability to transform the sales and marketing landscape, empowering brands to build stronger customer relationships.

  • What strategies has Entropik employed to drive its growth and expansion? And how do you plan to strategically scale growth in the future?

Entropik has employed several key strategies to drive growth and expansion. These include continuous innovation, strategic partnerships with industry leaders, a customer-centric approach, and a focus on talent acquisition and development. We plan to strategically scale our growth in the future through geographic expansion into new markets, diversifying product portfolio to serve evolving needs, and make the existing product predictive and more consolidated. Entropik aims to position itself as the global leader in AI-driven customer insights, delivering unmatched value to clients while driving sustainable growth.

  • Could you provide insights into Entropik’s client base? Which industries or sectors does the company primarily serve?

Entropik’s focus lies in making technology emotionally perceptive. Entropik works with industries such as telecom, BFSI, media, CPG, FMCG, entertainment, among others. 

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