Modernize Your Digital Infrastructure Management

Government Data Center & Infrastructure Summit 2022 | 11th November 2022 | The Park Hotel, New Delhi

Speakers in this video:
+ Dhruv Kharayat, Client Success- Lead, Progressive Infotech Pvt Ltd
+ Pranav Katiyar, Inside Sales Executive, Progressive Infotech Pvt Ltd

Key Highlights:
Dhruv Kharayat, Client Success Lead, Progressive Infotech:

1) ‌We wanted to solve problems regarding optimisation of Clouds and other Cloud-enabled services. Our focus is to democratize Cloud

2) ‌We have our own IP which is ‘Centrylitics platform’ and we have our own services as well

3) ‌We provide 2 major programs to our Government counterparts; Cloud Enablement Program and Cloud Delivery Program

Pranav Katiyar, Inside Sales Executive, Progressive Infotech:

1) ‌Progressive aims to serve the digital workplace 24×7 by enabling business users to operate from anywhere, anytime and any device

2) ‌Progressive offers a full spectrum of IT-managed services, ranging from global service desk, digital workplace management to Hybrid Cloud and Data Center management and much more

3) ‌We offer IP led service transformation

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