The metaverse is the next major revolution in the travel industry: Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder, EaseMyTrip

Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder, EaseMyTrip

In the world of online travel booking, EaseMyTrip is a name that has made significant strides in India. In an interview with Express Computer, Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder of EaseMyTrip, shares his perspective on the impact of the company’s recent digital initiatives and its approach to adopting emerging technologies like AI. Rikant Pittie also discusses some of the top tech-led innovations that EaseMyTrip is working on to ensure high customer retention and shares his views on adopting the metaverse to improve customer experiences. With a strong customer-first approach and a focus on developing and expanding its tech architecture, Rikant believes that EaseMyTrip is poised to continue disrupting the travel industry with its innovative solutions.

Some edited excerpts:

What are some of the recent digital initiatives taken and what has been the impact?

At EaseMyTrip, we undertake various innovative digital initiatives to promote our brand, services, and campaigns. We leverage the power of prominent digital marketing tools like Social Media Marketing, Adverts, SEO, etc., to expand our digital footprints and connect deeper with our customers. However, we prefer high ROI marketing spending over high marketing budgets. Hence, we research, identify and choose relevant platforms that can garner our customers’ interests effectively. Through this strategy, we are able to amplify our social media presence, optimise performance metrics and even generate ROI-driven results for our brand.

How do you see the role of emerging technologies such as AI for your organisation? Can you give us specific examples of AI’s use and its impact?

At EaseMyTrip, technology forms the core foundation of our seamless operations. The role of emerging technologies is indeed significant and pivotal to our growth. We leverage several AI- and ML-based algorithms to identify customer behaviour efficiently. This way, we are able to understand their preferences and provide them with optimum personalised recommendations while ensuring their requirements are effectively catered to.

What are some of the top tech-led innovations that EaseMyTrip is currently working with to ensure high customer retention?

At EaseMyTrip, we work with a customer-first approach. Our every decision is aimed at customers’ benefit and building long-term associations with them. There are various tech-driven initiatives that we have launched with this same vision.

Apart from the AI- and ML-based algorithms for providing personalised recommendations to our customers, our EMTPro program allows customers to refer us to their near and dear ones and earn. Additionally, they receive benefits like special airfares, discounts on bus and train bookings, vouchers worth INR 5000 from different brands, and free cancellation on medical grounds.

We have recently launched a self-booking tool for our corporate clientele as well. The tool uses AI, ML, Data mining, etc., and enables corporates to make bookings seamlessly without involving a third party. It also helps manage employee bookings, travel itineraries, payments, and other processes involved in automating the entire service.

Such tech-enabled strategies are helping to deliver excellent customer service, paving the way for customer retention and loyalty in the long run.

Your view on adopting Metaverse for improving customer experiences?

The metaverse is the next major revolution in the travel industry that will play an integral role in enhancing customer experiences. The booking process will improve as customers can negotiate deals, combine products and services and pay conveniently. In fact, they will also be able to raise their concerns, order food, and explore tourist attractions and experiences via the metaverse. The technology will further provide additional information about a travel destination or package, and this feature will definitely increase bookings.

All in all, metaverse tourism will seamlessly bridge the physical-digital divide. However, it won’t replace the traditional travelling experience. On the contrary, the technology will support the conventional aspects of the industry and offer innovative ways to engage with existing and potential customers.

Future focus – What will be some of the new areas for technology-led innovations for EaseMyTrip?

Currently, our prime focus is on developing and expanding our tech architecture. We plan to introduce more customer-centric tech solutions in addition to our existing AI/ML-based engines. This way, we will be able to expand our offerings and serve our customers better. This strategy will further help strengthen our connections with our customers.

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