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7 High Demand Tech Jobs And What To Look For When Hiring?

The IT sector is reaching milestones and creating new targets leading to a different kind of job creation. The challenge is to recognize the job profile and to hire the right people for it.

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A rush of excitement in the IT sector becomes more evident with the emergence of new technology and with it the birth of new job profiles. With new technologies and computer languages coming into being, the workforce expected at an IT firm needs to update itself every 5 years. 

Apart from reskilling and upskilling, an IT employee should have a positive attitude towards learning new technologies. An employee that easily adapts to change and is ready to learn new skills would always be welcomed in an organization. This holds true for top management as well. The managers need to lead by example. 

As newer technologies and job profiles take over, it can be challenging for managers to understand what skill set is best suited for the position. This article covers the top technology jobs in 2020 -and how to hire people for it. 

1.Security Professionals (data, network, cloud, and information)

With the increasing requirement of data by businesses, there is a need to ensure the security of so much information as well. A business operates on huge data sets, systems with confidential information, cloud and networks that need to be protected all the time. A security professional would work on the company’s initiatives taken in this direction to keep the company safe. Along with this, the professional would also be assigned to keeping up with regulations and complying with them. 

To hire someone for this role, you should check for their experience in security systems and narrate instances of how they managed failures. The professional should be able to communicate procedures and policies effectively to the members of the organization and be well versed in compliance regulations. 

2. AI Architect

No surprise here! The world is moving aggressively to AI technologies and AI architect would be most in-demand at the moment. There are new AI startups springing up that are serving solutions to business problems through AI technology. Well established companies are also moving to AI solutions for redundant tasks. The demand for an AI architect is increasing multifold and companies would be looking for someone who has some experience in this field. An ideal candidate would be someone who is experienced with technologies such as machine learning, AI applications, and natural language processing. The candidate’s soft skills must include effective communication, time management skills and change management. While technical skills are very important for this profile, the candidate should also be good at communicating ideas. 

3. Data Specialists

As already mentioned above, businesses own huge amounts of data and are always on the lookout for new data. The processing of finding, sorting, analyzing and storing data requires a team of data scientists, analysts, and engineers. When you are looking for a data specialist, the candidate must be aware of how sensitive data can be and how to work with it. Another consideration before hiring should be the specific data requirements of your company. A candidate with experience in collecting data, providing analysis and insights on data, worked on data integration projects would be correct for your company. This candidate should also be able to identify new sources of data for you. 

4. Cloud Architect

Cloud computing is the availability of data centers to multiple users and it is extremely beneficial for businesses to manage their data. It also gives great computational powers to a business. When we talk about cloud architects, they need to be people who are excellent at managing multiple operating systems. They should have knowledge of cloud services and also with automation, governance and vendor management. 

An ideal candidate for this profile would be someone who has experience in scaling cloud applications and is able to collaborate with other teams. 

5. Network or Cloud Administrator

This job profile needs the individual to be calm and focused since he or she will have to get on-call immediately in case of an emergency. A network administrator handles the LAN/WAN protocol, hardware and software. On the other hand, Cloud administrators look after the cloud initiatives primarily and everything around it. An ideal candidate would be someone who understands the urgency of things and is able to control the damage. The person should possess analytical skills and be certified in administrative work. 

6. Business Intelligence Analyst

As the profile name suggests, the individual needs to possess great analytical skills and have substantial knowledge of the industry. The professional should understand database technology and along with analytical tools as well. Every organization has unique data needs and whoever you hire at this position should be aware of that. They need to have good communication skills and exhibit stored procedure writing. This role is gaining attention steadily because now businesses are looking to make sense of the data they have acquired. 

7. DevOps Engineer

Faster code deployment is ensured through DevOps practices and hence businesses are looking forward to hiring more and more DevOps engineers. These engineers are expected to look after coding, scripting and processes development. DevOps engineers should possess skills for automation and data management as well. They should be able to manage operations and have strong communication skills. Their job helps the company constantly improve its processes and hence, they should be quick to identify and bring in best processes

Summing Up… 

These 7 job profiles are going to be in extremely high demand for the year 2020. IT professionals should be open to new experiences and understand what their role is expecting from them. On the other hand, interviewers should take into perspective what all to look for in an employee because only the right candidate will scale the business. 

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