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How Does Technology Help In Monitoring Social Media Intelligence?

Germin8 specialises in Social Media Intelligence focused on using data analytics and artificial intelligence to help companies become more customer-centric. It enables brands to understand and act in real-time on the gazillions of conversations happening on various social media platforms by different stakeholders

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Social Media Intelligence allows brands to understand consumers sentiments in real-time. Something that is beyond tweets, likes, and shares and actually portrays the real show of what consumers feel and think about the brands or products.

How does technology come to the aid but?

Dr. Ranjit Nair, CEO and Founder of Germin8 spills the beans

How has technology come out as a boon to the marketing analysts?

Once the lockdown restrictions are lifted, we expect that most consumer-facing industries will resume, albeit with some changes to their offerings and models that cater to new needs like social distancing. We expect that most of these industries will rely on digital and online much more than before both as a medium of offering their services and also as for marketing. This is good news for companies like Germin8 who are in the marketing analytics space. We expect that after a lull in Q1 and Q2, this financial year will start picking up for companies in our space, and by Q4, demand for our services will have risen significantly.

What are Germin8’s USP’s like?

The thing that we pride ourselves the most is our attention to customer-centricity. This means that we are very clued in when it comes to the changing needs of our customers. This has enabled us to evolve quickly in terms of new offerings that our customers will find useful in these trying times. Some of our large international competitors are less nimble because of their scale. 

From a technology standpoint, one thing that sets Germin8 apart is the fineness of the granularity of our insights. This means that we are able to provide extremely actionable insights to our customers that can help them react more strategically to changing consumer needs.  

How are you deploying AI and ML in daily operations?

We use a wide range of technologies from AI and Machine Learning for problems like sentiment analysis, trend detection, and chatbots to Big Data technologies like MongoDB and SOLR for quick retrieval of data from huge databases to web apps that use Angular 8.     

How important do you think is it for brands to be fully equipped with the technical know-how?

It is very important for people to rely on technology for quick access to data, automation of routine tasks, easy visualization of data, and real-time communication and collaboration. That said, it is important to recognize that technology is an enabler and exists to make life easier. Consumer and business needs should drive technology adoption; technology needs should not drive the business. Also, it is important to understand the technology enough to know its limitations and when it will fail or become unreliable. This will help you recognize when technology is failing and you can create a fallback.

What are your immediate and longterm milestones like?

In the immediate term, we are focused on cash flow management during this tough time. Many of our customers are consumer-facing companies for whom the demand has been hit badly by the lockdown. Naturally, these companies are not able to pay their vendors like before which in turn impacts our cash flows. Our commitment to our employees is to get through this period without retrenching anyone. Once we get past this period, we will return our focus to new products and new markets. In the long term, we want to be a leading provider of tech-based insights to companies around the globe.

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