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Exclusive Whitepaper: Benefits of Automation in an Organisation

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Aiming to convert your organization into a truly digital business? Automation is the foundation of all digital transformation initiatives. This executive primer explains why Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is globally gaining ground, how it works, and how you can get value from it.

The digital age has brought us many beautiful things, but it has also brought digital drudgery. Where we once filled out forms in triplicate, we now copy and paste the information with hundreds or thousands of mind-numbing, repetitive keystrokes.

You probably are aware that physical robots are doing many of the repetitive and often dangerous physical jobs that humans previously performed. Industrial welding, deep-sea exploration, and disaster response are all areas where these physical robots are increasingly useful.

Now, there’s an equivalent in the digital world. It’s called RPA. RPA is a way of automating processes so that repetitive and manual digital work is done by software robots, or “bots.”

RPA is already revolutionizing the modern workplace. According to Deloitte, 53% of businesses have started their RPA journeys. The number will rise to 72% within the next 24 months. If this trend continues, RPA will reach near-universal acceptance within five years.

Automating your workplace is easier than ever. Learn how to get started with Automation Anywhere RPA.

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