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India a key market for Digital Enterprise Management: BMC Software

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As the digital revolution gathers pace and rewrites the rules of business, enterprises face some of the most profound and far-reaching changes in the way digital technology is consumed, deployed, and managed. To make sense of these new challenges and to ensure that their digital transformations happens faster, more smoothly, and continue to increase in value over time, organisations will need to pay close attention to the experience they provide as well as the integrity, performance, and efficiency of their digital infrastructure. Digital Enterprise Management (DEM), introduced by BMC Software, is a set of IT solutions designed to make digital transformation fast, seamless, and optimised from mainframe to mobile to cloud and beyond.

Indian organisations, both private and public, have always leap frogged over legacy technology compared to other markets. Indian system integrator partners (SIs) are already on a fast curve towards adopting ‘digital enterprise’ technologies for global organisations. A new approach is needed: one that’s real-time, intuitive, automated, secure and open. “Companies that have a digital enterprise mindset are significantly better financially than the ones that are less digitally mature and we have already seen customers adopting this approach in India. DEM is an approach to manage digital services, infrastructure, processes, and policy,” says Suhas Kelkar, Chief Technology Officer (APAC), BMC Software.

India is on the path of technological advancement. Traditional sectors like the BFSI, which is said to be a risk averse sector, is also focusing on public cloud resources to create a flexible IT infrastructure. Additionally, other disruptive technologies such as Internet of Things is gaining traction in the industry. The development of cutting edge technologies in India, are almost at par with the rest of the world.

As the country is adopting digitization quickly, the need for a digital transformation will be necessary across segments. This makes India a key market for DEM, asserts Tarun Sharma, CCO, APJ and Head of India & Ukraine, BMC Software.

Some of the key verticals for DEM is Banking, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Automobile and Public Sector organisations.

Sharing his insights about the company’s business model, Sharma says that, “BMC has a clear focus around complex IT infrastructure for any organization, both private and public. We deploy specialists dedicated to each solution segment and have a robust partner– led services model.”

At BMC, we have several revenue models, which provide customers choice. This is what sets us apart from some of our competition. We offer flexibility to customers so that they can find a model that fits their needs. We can contract on a perpetual license, a term basis and on a cloud SaaS basis (where available/appropriate). We also have a Professional Services business which helps us book professional services transactions as well,” he added.

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