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Here Are The Skills One Needs For A Career In AI

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By Gairika Mitra, Tech Enthusiast

Reports state that a large number of companies are really keen to pull specialist talents in artificial intelligence and machine learning. This has resulted in a 51% spike in job postings that have been seen during the last year.

The times now are quite uncertain and despite the dreaded uncertainty that has been felt throughout 2020, the prevalence and existence of AI has been undeniable. Most researchers and specialists in AI have represented the fastest-growing role all across the world. As per a recent report from data job site Indeed, AI jobs have seen a recent explosion with a steady hike over the last five years. The report further states that the job postings in AI have been going up consistently since the last two years, with a 46% hike between 2018-19, and a 51% hike between 2019-20.

Experts in this field and from renowned corporations have stated that Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the hottest areas in the career market right now. Most employers have been emphasising on skillsets within Python, TensorFlow, and Natural Language Processing. (NLP)

Most Demanding Skills in AI Now

Most technical skills in AI, mostly include how to manage and configure AI application programming interfaces (APIs) and deep neural networks (DNNs), advanced analytics, and also data science skillsets.

Additionally, programming expertise in Python, C#, and R, along with experience in AI-specific vendors and applications, like that of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) have great value in the market. Apart from this, business analysis skills that would be considering process reengineering, business case development, and the experience of DevOps and agile delivery would be placed as high bets and those on high demand.

Specifically, those roles in AI that require managerial skills, and are also inclusive of data literacy, governance, ethics, AI architect skills, and experience managing the IP rights between customers and vendors are in pretty high demand. Experts hold the view that AI is a highly scientific field that requires a great deal of education, training, and focus.

These days most companies have been focussing on the need for hiring upskilled workers, and also look forward to those that have the ability to cross-skill. Let’s consider a specialist in an area like that of data science, if he can thoroughly upskill himself, he can deal with the business side of a company. Recruiters and companies are looking forward to onboarding a team of multilingual people that can integrate multiple tech and non-tech skills that would be helping to assist non-technical employees with tech solutions, and tech employees with business solutions.

The idea is to keep upskilling and be updated with the various happenings all around the world with regard to technology so that could be implemented when the time is right, and a company needs it.

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