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‘Letstrack’ Uses IoT For A Vehicle Based Security System

Letstrack is a leading player in GPS and vehicle security system by enabling APP-to-APP and APP-TO-WEB hardware and software solutions to power the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Letstrack is a  customer-centric and customer drive company. It provides a hardware-based GPS Security solution, giving location-based reports to analyse and make productive decisions. But, how does IoT prove beneficial in the automobile sector? Is it efficient and effective fully?

Vikram Kumar, Founder & CEO, Letstrack gives us the answers.

How do you think is tracking essential and of paramount importance?

  • The technology:

Tracking is need of the hour, be it for professional or personal use. Tracking & GPS technology is the present and future industry. Pandemic like Covid-19 had taught us the importance of GPS tracking in the last two months which has saved millions of life through proper tracking and safeguarding the area. 

Our services like LT Attendance, LT customized helps the firm to manage the organization schedule and increase productivity. As the government has also issued the advisory during the COVID-19 to promote the contactless, location-based services for attendance and hence assist to increase productivity. 

  • And new innovations in the products and services:

Yes, we believe in disruptive innovation and we are coming up with new sensational products that would cater to the market which would help to safeguard their essential assets. Our futures are bright in terms of technological advancements and new innovations to help the world to safer and secure at every stage.

How do you deploy IoT in your daily operations? Is automation a part?


We are futuristic company and we believe in automation; we have different kinds of futuristic innovative devices and apps for our partners and customers. Our main aim is to bring in the innovations in terms of the latest advancements for our customers and this provides us an upper edge over the competitors. 

What are the technical advances in your firm like? Give us a download. 

  • LT Attendance: 

LT Attendance is an automatic paperless, contactless attendance system that will help the organization for managing the employees and increasing their daily productivity. 

  • LT Customized: 

Every organization has a different need as per their working, we provide holistic technologies and tracking solutions to assist the organization to achieve the goals and solve the problems occurring to their businesses.

How would you say that automation is the golden word now?

India has around 300 millions smartphone user and more than 20% of the population are present on various social media platform. We are surrounded by technology and in the world of automation, technology had played an essential role. We need to accept that the fact the fast moving technology is going to be the future.

What are your immediate and long-term milestones like?

  • Launching new product:

Our immediate plan to successfully launch our new sensational product which is a one stop solution for the essentials items & customers.  A product which keeps whereabout of all your small and big things and keep them secure from getting lost. 

  • To become world’s largest:

We are already market leader in vehicle security system in Asia with more than 5 lakhs customers and we have future plans to  double up in this financial year. 

How has tracking been a part of your DNA?

Our vision is very clear that ‘anything that moves can be tracked’. We are not only working here day-to-day but have a long-term goal. We have been thinking, planning, and executing for our company for the coming years. In order to run a successful business, one’s vision must be clear and should work accordingly. 

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