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Cloud Telephony: The Need of the Hour

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By Karan Chhabra, CEO Servetel

One of the most useful technologies for any business is cloud telephony. More and more companies are adopting cloud telephony systems because of their advantages over PBX/EPBX systems. A few reasons why cloud telephony is the need of the hour are mentioned below.

Businesses can access information from anywhere

A cloud telephony system stores all call-related data on the cloud. As a result, a business owner or manager can access call data from anywhere. All data, such as the number of leads a business has generated, inquiries made, and calls recordings, are stored online.

To managers who are always on the move, a cloud telephony system gives access to vital information at a moment’s notice. Managers can instantly access crucial information from anywhere in the world.

Cloud telephony resources are scalable

The requirements of a small business are different than those of a medium-sized or large business. A small firm has fewer employees and therefore needs fewer telephone numbers. As a small firm grows, its requirements change. Once a small firm that contains less than eight employees, grows to have more than 25 workers, its communication system demands an increase.

What makes cloud telephony so useful for businesses is that the system grows alongside a business. As a business’s workforce grows in number, a cloud telephony infrastructure can be scaled up. Conversely, should a business communication need to shrink, its cloud telephony system can be scaled down. A business can scale up or scale down its cloud telephony system in a matter of minutes.

Monitoring the system is more convenient

Using a cloud telephony system, a business can track and analyse the duration of calls, calculate how many calls were missed, and count the number of inbound and outbound calls, in seconds. All the information related to calls is available on a dashboard that is updated in real-time. Hence, managers can control employees’ workflow from anywhere.

A cloud telephony system is cost-effective

A cloud telephony system is not only robust but also cost-effective. A business that adopts a cloud telephony system doesn’t need to invest in physical infrastructures like landlines and routers. When a company installs a cloud telephony system, it does not need to pay an installation cost. Furthermore, the operational costs of a cloud telephony system are meagre.

Secure the business data

Today, when an organisations data is one of its most valuable assets, cloud telephony is indispensable. A cloud telephony system stores data on the cloud, where it is impervious to harm. Should a natural disaster strike, all the data stored on a cloud telephony infrastructure would be intact. While data stored on local servers can be lost by accident, data stored on the cloud can never be lost.

Enhance your customer experience

A cloud telephony system helps businesses deliver outstanding customer support. Every call to a company is answered by an IVR, which routes callers to the right extension. Hence customers’ waiting time is minimal. Furthermore, customers can reach a business at any time, day, or night. As a result, companies that use a cloud telephony system, consistently give their customers a pleasant experience.

The advantages of cloud telephony systems over traditional PBX/EPBX lines cannot be overstated. For a modern enterprise having a cloud telephony system gives the organisations an edge.

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