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We play a crucial role for BFSI sector on the data center side: Gaurav Ahluwalia, R&M, India

Gaurav Ahluwalia, Managing Director, R&M, India, in an interaction with Express Computer discusses the current and future trends in Structured Cabling market and how R&M is contributing to the cabling market and the changing needs of businesses

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What are the current and future trends that drive Structured Cabling market?
From the last 13 years, we have witnessed a lot of changes in the structured cabling market. Earlier the go-to-market strategy was different. The OEM used to import products and cabling solutions. From 2005-2012, this trend has changed. Many mergers hav happened in the market as well as few OEMs took an exit from India market. Very few OEM/SIs left out India market. The new US policies have also affected the business. But from 2014, structured cabling industry gained its market presence. Many project are happening in the manufacturing sector and hospital industry. Also, the Indian government has decided/ ordered the companies to have and assemble data centre contents in India only. These are the trending markets that drive SCM in India.

What is the role of structured cabling in Smart cities? What is R&M’s contribution in developing smart cities?
A smart city includes 9-10 modules and cabling goes into two modules of smart cities, wherein R&M comes into picture. We are the leaders in the smart city space; we have served nine smart cities in India. Requirements and offering for smart cities are a bit different. They look out for special kind of double sheet, anti-termite copper and fiber cables which are future-proof. We are pioneer in customising the products as per the requirement of the customer. We have recently worked for Hyderabad Metro and currently we are working for Nagpur Metro. We are also offering over-cabling solutions to Pune Metro.

How are R&M products changing the need of businesses?
Smart city application and requirements of fiber cables is completely different compared to other segments like telecom. So, we customise the products which fit their needs. This enables a hassle-free business as the products are constructed/manufactured on ‘ready-to-go’ strategy. R&M products contribute in acceleration of businesses.

What are the challenges faced in India market?
In India market, for example, when it comes to smart cities, the decision-making process is quite long. Also, after the products are ordered, smart city corporations want us to deliver the products after 15-20 months, because the project happens in phases.

What role does the company play in the banking sector?
We play a crucial role for the BFSI sector, especially on the data centre side. We offer an end-to-end solution for banks which goes in data centres. We have also launched Infrastructure Management System, especially for the banking environment. Recently in DCW-Singapore, we have launched Active Port Monitoring System, which helps to actively monitor the server, switch and storage ports effectively. Also, we are getting few projects from Indian banks on data centre branch installation side. With the recent developments happening in banking sector, we expect good amount of requirement for fiber cables. It will be a vital focus area for us.

How is the company positioned in the telecom sector?
Now 5G has hit the market and telcos are looking for special fiber cables which provide high-bandwidth. With a dedicated R&D team, R&M has already started manufacturing the cables which are suitable for 5G technology. With the emerging 5G networks in India, there will be a huge demand for FTTA cables and components, as the numbers of antennas are going to increase exponentially. R&M has a specialised factory unit in Bengaluru which intensely focuses on manufacturing of 5G specific products. We can expect the products to be out for India market by mid 2019. We are working closely with two telecom giants of India for the past eight years. Hence, the company has marked a remarkable position in the Indian telecom sector.

How much does R&M’s India market contribute to its global growth?
Currently, India marks six to seven per cent of our total global share. We are aiming to increase this figure to 10 per cent in next five years.

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