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Huawei pushes C-Band 100MHz per operator for 5G business success


Huawei said that continuous large bandwidth (100 MHz per operator) has become a trend to drive future 5G business success. While speaking at a conference, Du Yeqing, Vice President of Huawei’s 5G Product Line said, “C-band is the golden spectrum for 5G. It has been released or will be released for operators in countries worldwide. Continuous large bandwidth (100 MHz per operator) will be the cornerstone for 5G business success.”

He noted that continuous large bandwidth will improve both investment efficiency and user experience by 10 times and promote MBB to new heights, so users can enjoy high quality services anytime and anywhere.

Du said that the current focus of 5G is to coordinate C-band spectrum planning, but that other key technologies and requirements must not be overlooked. For example, uplink-downlink decoupling can reduce the number of sites and associated costs by enabling 5G deployment on existing 2G/3G/4G spectrums and allow continuous coverage on C-band. On top of that, 5G networks require precise synchronization, reduced interference, less spectrum isolation, and higher spectral efficiency.

Countries with insufficient C-band spectrum can allocate 100 MHz of continuous large bandwidth on TDD 2.6/2.3 GHz to each operator. This will improve investment efficiency while helping to prepare for an evolution towards high bandwidth 5G.

MBB underpinned by spectrum resources is a driving force for GDP growth. Huawei’s 2018 Global Connectivity Index (GCI) indicates that countries prioritizing the construction of ICT infrastructure enjoy substantial economic benefits. It is estimated that by 2025, the digital economy will account for a market value of US $6.4 trillion.

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