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“It’s The Era of Everything SMART and Technology Is The Driving Force Behind It…”

Says Anand Purusothaman, founder and CTO, AppViewX, a modular, low code software application that has been quite successful in its genre. 

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While technology ruling the roost in the market, there are a lot of things aside that are worthy enough to make a mention. Firms like AppViewX, are working diligently to break the stereotype, and create more and more disruptions in the tech space.

In an e-interaction with Express Computer’s Gairika Mitra, Purusothaman shares some. Edited excerpts:

What role do you think has technology been playing in shaping the ecosystem?

When you look around, over decades from mobile phone to televisions to cars, even homes for that matter have undergone radical change. From just being functional and serving-the-purpose, it is the era of everything SMART. And in this whole process technology has been the driving force behind this change. While advancements / changes can be felt, touched and experienced when it comes to personal devices such as these, the world of enterprise software too has witnessed rapid technological progress. Newer platforms, automation, AI and customer experience solutions have, over the years, made in-roads into the space.

What problem is AppViewX looking forward to solve?

AppViewX is revolutionizing the manner in which NetOps and SecOps teams deliver services to the rest of Enterprise IT. The AppViewX Platform is a hybrid cloud, a low-code application platform that enables the automation and orchestration of network infrastructure. Leveraging a vast library of pre-built tasks and workflows, the platform enables Ops teams to quickly and easily translate business requirements into automation workflows that improve agility, enforce compliance, eliminate errors, and reduce cost.

How is it different from existing players in the market?

There are numerous players in the automation market space. What makes AppViewX unique is the platform capabilities as well as the solution set. The platform capabilities such as low-code drag-and-drop automation, closed-loop automated troubleshooting, intuitive visual tools and most important is the application-centric view and management of network infrastructure. AppViewX has the unique advantage of being the pioneer in this space with some of the solutions such as orchestration of application delivery services and certificate lifecycle automation.

Talking of gender equality, how do you think women have been performing in this domain?

Despite the technological advancements there is still some amount of gender inequality in the tech industry. According to statistics from, only 26% women are in engineering roles in the Indian tech industry. Several women have even made it to leadership roles. Organizations on their part are offering flexible working hours, work-from-home option, extended maternity leaves and benefits and other incentives to encourage more women to be part of the tech industry. Interestingly the number of women hired by tech companies this fiscal year is at least 30,000 more than the number last year.

How can we have more women in the space in that case?

Technology, rather STEM (Science Technology Engineering Management) is such an area where there are more opportunities for women through which India may develop at a better pace. Women with inherent leadership qualities and creative and problem-solving abilities can play a critical role in tech.

While many progressive organizations are doing a lot for women to come forward and take up tech jobs like extended maternity leave, flexible timing, work-from-home options and other women-friendly friendly HR policies, organization need also to show women, clear career path to leadership roles by identifying potential and promising talent and providing the necessary guidance and trainings to help them scale up the corporate ladder.

Do you think India has the proper infrastructure to implement all technological advances?

Over the past decade or so, India has been more forthcoming in embracing technological advancements. A new McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report identifies a dozen technologies, ranging from the mobile Internet to cloud computing to advanced genomics, which could have a combined economic impact of $550 billion to $1 trillion a year in 2025.

The Government’s vision of Smart Cities is one such example of a forward-looking and progressive country that is looking at harnessing the power of technology with a futuristic vision. The embracing of the digital payments, advancements in cloud computing, IoT further reinforce India’s commitment to embrace and use technology to move forward.

Furthermore, India’s improvement in its ranking from 81 to 52 between 2015 and 2019 in terms of start-ups and innovation further cements this. At the same time, India still has a lot of homework to do in terms of making internet penetration to the deeper hinterlands of the country; fast and high-speed internet access in major cities, quicker clearances for technology companies investing in India and incentivizing them with tax sops, investing in quality and value-based primary education and other benefits would only further accelerate technological advancements.

Lastly, what are AppViewX’s long term milestones like?

As one of the early movers in the low-code automation space, we will continue our focus on specific solutions with deep domain expertise and great RoI to our clientele. Since inception, we have grown an average of 80% YoY. We hope to sustain the same growth rate for the next 5 years. Moreover, we are planning to double our headcount to 600 in the next 2 years and a rigorous expansion pan India.

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