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War Clouds gather over India

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LS Subramanian

By L S Subramanian, Cloud Evangelist

The big four and also the smaller player in cloud are here in India ready for market warfare, they have made their investments in local cloud presence and are ready to battle for a share in the potential cloud market in India.

Every cloud company’s chief is buzzing in and out of India to meet government policy makers, business leaders and regulators and the powers that be in the capital. We have prime business television captured for launch of a cloud service in India with a formidable local partner and I am sure this is only the beginning.

These developments bring me immense joy as a cloud evangelist as India and Indians will reap the benefit of the cloud. There will not be one Bharat Badal but a variety to choose from based on the business needs.
The rural India with its fibre optics highway Bharat Net will meet the cloud soon transforming the rural hinterland of India with digital technology as the enabler.  The impact on the GDP will be significant and also in the ability of Government to service its citizens in real time from health, land records, government subsidies and banking and financial services.

The key players in this India Cloud War will be Microsoft, IBM, AWS and Google plus a few more niche players who have invested in the India cloud story.  All the players will win this War though the final winner will be India which will transform into a global digital power engine by harnessing the power of the cloud.  The final countdown has begun in 2020 and I am sure we will be a digital nation by the end of the decade using AI, IoT, telemedicine,Weather forecast, disaster management, citizen services, education, financial services, commodity trading, banking and many more innovative services in the cloud.

May the cloud wars of India begin and let India become a global digital superpower

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