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Why is Virtual Reality (VR) Important In Meetings?

The word 'virtual' in Virtual Reality speaks for itself infact. However, these days, as the concept of normal gets redefined each day, the term 'virtual' has its use more colloquially, than formally

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Sitting in a conference room and thinking about conducting a meeting amid constellations and meteors seemed to be a far fetched reality in the past, however, not anymore as virtual meetings have been the saviours of time indeed. While there are innumerable software and video conferencing tools available for usage, yet an impeccable takeaway is the option that enables one to create a virtual background, as per their own convenience, like that of a conference room, or a cafeteria.

Experts in the tech space believe that the new normal would be heralding an entirely new concept of reality, obviously banking on the newest forms of technology. Queppelin, a deep tech-focused company, has launched it’s off the shelf platform for this which is one of its kind and is set to revolutionise the way meetings are being conducted. 5 blue chip companies have already adopted to this platform, and many more are in the queue.

Talking to Express Computer Prafulla Mathur, co-founder, Queppelin, talks about their latest disruption. Edited excerpts:

Why do you think are VR meetings important? How is it different from video conferencing?

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for remote working like never before. Many organisations have realised the benefits of remote working and are even contemplating making it their default way of working post the lockdown for certain departments, if not all. With the way things have unfolded, remote working is here to stay. While video conferencing is a great way to connect to your team or host meetings and seminars, it doesn’t nearly create an office-like environment. This is where Virtual reality meetings become important, for teams working remotely, for business meetings, etc. Though meetings can happen via video conferencing as well, it does not bring about that corporate aura. VR Meetings can display exactly how and what everybody in the meeting feels and create a more real like environment.

Tell us about the Queppelin VR software. How convenient is the installation process?

Prafulla Mathur, Co-founder, Queppelin

At Queppelin, we have a vision that the lack of frequent meetings should not be an obstacle for businesses. Our GatherinVRis a platform for VR meetings and conferences that can be customised for any business or company very easily. It is compatible with VR Headsets, Laptops, Desktops and Smartphones. Another important feature is that we have developed it in a way that it is not installation based. What it does is that one does not have to download it before utilising it. It is a browser-based platform. The platform just needs client based customizations which can be done in 2-3 days. The room setup can be completely customised to replicate board rooms or seminar halls.

How much traffic can the platform handle? 

The Virtual Reality solutions for corporates available in the market generally have an upper cap on the number of people who can join the meetings at a time. We have absolutely no such limits. We have built our software and infrastructure to be able to handle sufficiently large teams. 

Are there any customisation options available?

It is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The solutions are tailor-made and vary from client to client. Our solutions are not just for the companies which already have an infrastructure to host our software but also remain loyal to those clients that are still growing and scaling up. Moreover, one can opt for varied customizations too. Our clientele is assorted, and so are our solutions. We help create real-life office room, board rooms, and meeting rooms to the virtual world. To make it more fun, we also offer avatars of one’s favorite character, or one can bring their personality live to virtual reality.

What makes this VR Meeting Platform unique from other VR Meeting softwares?

Typically, VR software solutions require one to own a Virtual Reality headset. But one of the USPs of this multi-platform virtual reality events software is that it works without any costly technology. All one needs is a computer or a smartphone. Also, the hassle-free integrating process wherein one does not need to download it and can be customised in just 2-3 days makes it very unique. Apart from these, the VR meeting software provides a host of other benefits which include the ability to handle sufficiently large teams and no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.  

In the post COVID era, how do you think will VR Meeting Platforms help businesses?

The pandemic has shown us that remote working on a daily basis is indeed possible. Even when normalcy is restored, the changes that it has brought about on the way are very likely to stay. Contactless, or at least minimal contact is set to be the norm and VR conferencing is a formidable tool. Virtual Reality Business Meetings keep the corporate feel in place and at the same time, displays exactly how and what everybody in the meeting feels. Also, collaborating and remote working across different time zones is a common feature in the corporate culture. VR platforms will promote collaborations and help people in the room better understand each other, analyse actions and make better decisions.

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