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How to track productivity of employees working from home

With Work from Home becoming the norm, companies are finding it a challenge to track employee productivity. Sumit Ghosh, Founder of HR tech startup EmpMonitor speaks about how they are helping big and small businesses manage their remote workforce more effectively

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Specialising in productivity and time measurement solutions, EmpMonitor was founded in 2019 to help manage distributed workforce and enable Work from Home.

Sumit Ghosh, Founder, EmpMonitor

EmpMonitor is designed for prioritising tasks, improving the data security, managing time, allocating responsibilities and growing the productivity of the whole company and make remote work secure.

The company has achieved 5x growth rate over the past year, and has also accomplished 3x growth in revenue.

What are your HR tech products for organisations ?

A SaaS based solution, EmpMonitor is one of its kind of product, which is specialising in security and monitoring solutions. It helps to make monitoring a hassle-free process for small to large businesses. EmpMonitor will help solve and automate most of the tracking and management processes.

It tracks time spent on apps and websites, customised reports to measure productivity, work timesheet, task and project management, daily attendance and more, which all together helps in workplace safety, day to day decision making and protection from IP theft.

How can your software ensure effective monitoring of employee activities ?

With EmpMonitor which is a web-browser application, managers can monitor, track, record, and analyse time spent by WFH employees on various tasks. Some of the key features include website and app tracking, social media alerts, and alerts to employees on non-productive work. It provides an efficient dashboard to track remote employees.

What are the key tech features, and how does it address the challenges faced by companies in keeping track of the productivity of their remote staff ?

The most common challenges which have been experienced by the companies with remote teams is lack of awareness about how much their remote team is accomplishing and at what rate? Whether their remote team is actually working or just wasting time? Is the team able to meet the expected deadlines? And a lot more.

EmpMonitor helps companies to overcome these challenges fairly by offering a suite of features that enhance workforce resiliency and boost productivity. These features include – productivity measurement, total productive – non-productive hours, idle time tracking, live employee screenshots, keystrokes logging, social media blocking, and a lot more. These features help manage employees and develop a more productive workforce.

What has been your focus on technology innovation ?

Technology innovation is at the cusp of EmpMonitor. Currently, we ensure Employee Monitoring software consistently increases the current standards in quality, installation, affordability, and functionality.

In this fast and ever-changing technological world, security and storage is considered to be the main issue. EmpMonitor has a technology that helps in simplifying the users task with respect to their data security, protection and use.

Currently, we have introduced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in our offering. AI-based Face Recognition System, to differentiate employees from unauthorised personals. Our team is working in adding features in our road map such as offline time tracking, online personal coaching for setting up remote teams.

Who are your target client segments in India ? The size and type of organisations.

The tool is a perfect fit for small businesses, financial companies, banks, educational institutions, and even parents. EmpMonitor is serving over 2000 clients, it ranges from small medium enterprises to the big corporates whose employee strength goes upto 70k.

The primary sector which has implemented EmpMonitor are education, IT, Financial Insitutions.

Tech adoption in HR has witnessed a manifold increase post Covid. Can you share your views on this trend ?

As per the research there has been 30 per cent increase in the demand of technology in HR. It is not at the micro level but at the macro level as well. The major trends which we have witness is among:

· The presence of AI chatbots to solve the queries of the employee

· The technology intervention for the data security as the more than 50 per cent employees are working remotely.

· The presence of video streaming apps like Zoom has played a significant role in enhancing the HR segment.

· The future is going to hold in the hands of Virtual Reality. As an employee will be given a Virtual tour of the offices in scenario like pandemic.

What are your growth expectations and strategic expansion plans, for the next few years ?

Since our inception, we have witnessed great response for the product. The novel pandemic crisis in the world has given a push to work from home. Hence, the demand for tracking employee productivity has increased.

EmpMonitor has witnessed noticeable growth of 3x during pandemic situations. We have also observed a 70 per cent spike in daily sign ups and conversion from trial to regular membership. We are expected to reach 300k active licenses by the end of financial year 2020.

Any other significant factor ?

EmpMonitor retains its place of supremacy in the employee productivity and time management arena for employers as it is pocket friendly and in terms of efficiency and accuracy.

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