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AI and cloud telephony redefining contact centres

In an interaction with Express Computer, Chaitanya Chokkareddy, CIO, Ozonetel, provides details on digitalisation of contact centres and the increasing role of technologies such as AI and cloud telephony

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Which are the new technologies which will see more adoption in contact centres due to Covid-19?
Essentially COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of all technologies that enable efficient remote working, increase automation, and ensure business continuity during emergencies. For instance, it has catalyzed the switch to cloud telephony for many enterprises. It has also accelerated the adoption of conversational AI as the first line of service in the contact centers in order to manage greater volumes, with more ease and better, more personalized customer experience.

How Ozonetel’s advanced AI enablement will transform the cloud contact centre space?
Cloud telephony was a big wave when we pioneered it in India 10 years ago and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cloud contact centre space is like a tsunami. Taking advantage of advances in the AI fields like Natural Language programming and Analytics we have created smart assistants and analytic tools for the modern day call centers. Recently, we have launched an AI-powered Speech Analytics Dashboard for Call Centers. Speech Analytics is the process of analysing any voice recording using AI-based tools. This new tool will allow call center managers to track and analyse on-going calls in real time.  This dashboard can provide businesses with better feedback, and customers with improved service quality and faster redressal. In the future, businesses may use speech analytics to gamify call center representatives’ dashboards. The marketing department may use this data to keep a pulse on customer sentiment or to assess feedback on certain products or campaigns. Overall, with AI-powered Speech Analytics, businesses can now tap into the vast data that call centers gather, leading to better services, and much happier customers.

Please elaborate on the growing importance of voice bots in customer support
A voice bot is an interactive voice user interface powered by Natural Language Processing. Voice bots help inbound or outbound call centres to offer better customer experience in multiple ways. For customer support, a voice bot provides conversational self-service, answers Frequently Asked Questions, acts as an intelligent auto-receptionist, guides the caller to get connected to the right agent, and helps cancel or reschedule bookings for customers and much more. For outbound call centers, voice bots can give dynamic and personalized reminders for payments, past dues, renewals, introduce new products and features, interact with prospective leads to create initial interest, qualifying the leads, collect regular information from users and much more.

What is the road ahead in cloud communication and telephony? What are your future plans?
The next step for cloud communication and telephony is to enable a harmonious blend of humans and AI to create higher efficiency, faster response times, and a better agent and customer experience. It is imperative to ensure fully integrated systems and access to data across silos to create a truly omni channel communication. We have some exciting new solutions in line which will address both these areas.

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