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AI to check attrition for Wockhardt

The company has completed a successful pilot of an AI tool. It has the necessary predictive value to preempt potential attrition, says Dr Murtaza Khorakiwala, MD, Wockhardt

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Wockhardt has a large sales organisation that meets the doctors. There are thousands of medical service representatives that are always on the field. Attrition is high in this function. “We wanted to reduce the attrition and we were looking for ways on how can we achieve that. This would help in keeping in constant touch with the customer and thereby maintaining the business value and also keeping check of human resource management cost – hiring, training the representatives,” says Dr Murtaza Khorakiwala, MD, Wockhardt.

AI came to the rescue. “What we have found out from the AI enabled solution is that before the Medical rep leaves, he has decided five-six months in advance,” reveals Khorakiwala. The level of engagement, performance and KPIs of such representatives who are in an exit mode, starts getting impacted. There are certain metrics that can be shared with the reporting manager, which will alert him about the probability of a particular employee leaving in the near future. The manager can take proactive action to stop the potential attrition.

The tool has been found with a high productive value. There are various tools that companies can apply in their respective scenarios.

The PoC was successful and the tool was found to be having the predictive factor. “This will soon be implemented in the respective business process and then be extrapolated across the organisation,” concludes Khorakiwala.

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