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Ensuring Privacy and Growth: Glance’s Approach to Cybersecurity and Customer Data Protection

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Arvind Jayaprakash, Senior Vice President – Technology, Glance speaks exclusively to Express Computer about his organisation’s new tech projects and implementations, focusing on innovation, global growth strategies, and the use of emerging tech like AI, ML, and cybersecurity.

Here are some edited excerpts:
1. Could you please elaborate on Glance and its offerings?
Glance is a consumer technology company that has revolutionised the way the Internet is
experienced right on the lock screens of Android smartphones. Founded in 2019, Glance’s
pioneering ‘smart lock screen’ platform, powered by artificial intelligence, makes it
frictionless for smartphone users to discover their favorite content across trends, including
music, sports, entertainment, shopping, gaming, and so on. Glance has owned brands such
as Nostra (India and Southeast Asia’s largest gaming and game streaming destination) and
Roposo (which provides creator-led live entertainment content) that delivers great
experiences to consumers.

With a unique combination of accessibility and content variety, a growing number of users
are switching from traditional platforms to Glance. By creating a sort of OS for digital
surfaces, Glance has become the Internet on surfaces today. In just three years, it has climbed into the top 5 consumer platforms in India and Indonesia.

Glance platform has an installed base of over 400 million in Southeast Asia, including India
and Indonesia, with an active user base of over 230 million.

2. How do you see technology evolving in the lock screen space, and what opportunities and challenges do you anticipate for Glance?
Glance is the first player globally to recognise the power of the lock screen and transfer it
into a powerful, dynamic ‘smart lock screen’ surface. In fact, we are the only player who
works with chipset OS, manufacturers, and OEMs to bring live content to lock screens.
As the lock screen continues to evolve, the key to success lies in achieving scalability,
personalisation, and volume while addressing the challenges associated with data privacy.

At Glance, technology is the backbone of our business, and the solutions we have developed
are replicable and adaptable to local laws and regulations. This means that with minimal
customisation, we can swiftly launch our platform in new markets without starting from
scratch. Additionally, our technology enables multiple platforms to operate seamlessly on
the Glance OS. For example, users can enjoy live entertainment from over 500 creators,
shop through Roposo, play more than 400 games and watch live gaming tournaments via
Nostra, all within the smart lock screen. This technological prowess empowers us to build
and integrate various disruptive digital platforms on the lock screen, greatly enhancing the
user experience.

3. What are some projects that the technology teams are working on currently and some projects that you are looking forward to?
We recently partnered with JioCinema to bring TATA IPL to over 200 million smart lock
screens across India. The partnership brought personalised and premium experience to
cricket fans who stayed connected with all the on and off-field happenings throughout the
2023 TATA IPL season. They received visually rich and exciting content on their lock screens powered by the JioCinema app. When the users tapped on their favorite content, they were led to TATA IPL coverage on JioCinema, making it the first time wherein Glance
, consumers, enjoyed a seamless “lock screen to the app” viewing experience.

This year, we intend to launch in two new international markets, the US and Latin America.
Technology is the key driver that will enable us to penetrate in new territories efficiently and effectively. Our team’s ongoing focus is to leverage our technology to create a seamless
experience for consumers in these markets enabling scale, and ensuring consumer preference and relevance i.e., personalisation.

With respect to consumer preference and personalisation, we deploy cutting-edge
technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to understand consumer
preferences at a granular level. This enables us to curate and deliver highly targeted content, and recommendations to consumers across the world. These personalised experiences help us enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

4. Glance operates in multiple languages and regions. How do you ensure that the technology infrastructure and systems can handle the diverse needs and preferences of users across different markets?
To ensure that our technology infrastructure and systems can effectively handle the diverse
needs and preferences of users across different markets, we have employed several
strategic approaches.

Firstly, in terms of content, we adopt a vernacular content operations approach, recognising
the significance of catering to a wider audience beyond English-speaking users. We are
currently present in 11 languages and are growing. This commitment to linguistic diversity
allows us to connect with users at a deeper level, extending our reach and inclusivity.
From an infrastructure perspective, we have achieved deep market penetration in India by
prioritising accessibility and inclusiveness beyond metros. Our goal is to support users across the length and breadth of the country, acknowledging the diverse needs and preferences that exist within different regions. This approach ensures that our technology infrastructure is designed to cater to a vast user base and can effectively handle the demands of users in diverse markets.

To bolster our capabilities further, we have established a strategic partnership with Google
Cloud (GCP) across all the regions and countries where we operate. This collaboration
empowers us to provide a seamless user engagement experience by leveraging the
advanced infrastructure and services offered by Google Cloud. By utilising the robust
capabilities of GCP, we can effectively address the unique challenges and requirements of
different markets, ensuring smooth operations and user satisfaction.

Lastly, our engineering efforts are dedicated to supporting large-scale operations. With
millions of users engaging with our platform, we have meticulously designed our systems to
handle this immense volume. Our engineering team consistently focuses on scalability,
employing best practices and technologies that allow us to accommodate the growing user
base without compromising performance or user experience.

5. How are the tech initiatives enhancing customer experience and driving growth outcomes?
The tech initiatives implemented by Glance are helping in enhancing customer experience
and driving growth outcomes. By adopting a holistic approach to design and development,
we ensure that our platform caters to a broad user base, thereby fuelling growth on multiple

One of the key aspects we focus on is designing for the entire nation and the world at large.
We understand that to achieve broad-based usage and appeal to a diverse range of users,
our platform must be inclusive and accessible to everyone. This approach forms a
foundational layer for growth, as it allows us to connect with a larger audience and expand
our user base significantly.

As more people come online, it becomes crucial for us to cater to their specific needs and
preferences. To achieve this, we rely on the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to
dynamically tailor the user experience. AI plays a vital role in determining how we visually
present content and which content is shown to each user. By leveraging AI algorithms and
data-driven insights, we can personalise the content experience, ensuring that it resonates
with each individual user, regardless of their diverse backgrounds.

Connectivity is another critical consideration in our tech initiatives. We understand that not
all users have access to high-speed internet or unlimited data plans, particularly in regions
where internet connectivity is limited or costly. Therefore, we design our platform and
content in a frugal manner, keeping in mind the constraints faced by users with limited
connectivity options. This approach allows us to optimise data consumption and deliver a
seamless experience even for users with restricted internet access. By addressing the
inequity of internet connectivity, we ensure that our platform remains accessible and
valuable to a wide range of users, further driving customer satisfaction and growth.

6. Can you share your vision for Glance from a technology perspective?
At Glance, we firmly believe that technology is at the core of our product and our vision for
Glance from a technology perspective is to create a highly personalised experience that
caters to every user, regardless of their identity or location. Our commitment to
personalisation extends beyond just the surface level. We aim to provide contextual
relevance to our users, taking into account their specific needs and interests at any given
moment. This means delivering content and information that is not only personalised to
their preferences but also relevant to their current context, location, and even real-time

To achieve this, we are leveraging cutting-edge technological advancements and innovations such as AI and machine learning, to create a highly tailored experience that understands and caters to the unique needs and preferences of each individual user. Hence, whether it is news, entertainment, or any other aspect of the Glance experience, we will ensure that every user feels a sense of connection and relevance in their interactions with our platform.

7. Cybersecurity has become a critical function for companies. How is Glance dealing with safeguarding customer data?
Being on the lock screen is a massive responsibility. Glance takes this very seriously and
ensures that anything that goes onto the lock screen is data and privacy compliant and
meets high aesthetic standards.

With its ‘privacy by design’ approach, Glance respects the privacy of its consumers, and
interactions with our smart lock screen’s features are based on consumers’ preferences
only. We are fully cognizant and respectful of privacy regulations and cultural norms in each region where we operate or intend to be present in the future, and we only collect
interaction data based on how the consumers use the suggestions provided by Glance. We
do not collect any personal information, without express consent from the consumer, as
required by the laws of the land.

Data collected through the consumer’s interaction on the Glance platform is only used to
improve the recommendations on the lock screen and be able to add higher value in a
consumer’s life by bringing them content that they indicate is most relevant to them.

8. What is your advice to younger techies that are entering the workforce today?
For young tech professionals entering the workforce, my advice would be to cultivate a
mindset of perpetual learning, recognising the ever-evolving nature of the world we live in,
where each day presents new opportunities for growth. Building a strong foundation in
fundamental concepts is essential, and actively pursuing diverse experiences will contribute
to a well-rounded education. Moreover, embracing creativity and innovation will not only
drive personal development but also enhance the success of the organisations you work for.
Equally important is placing a strong emphasis on ethics and responsibility, ensuring that
your work adheres to ethical standards and makes a positive impact on society.

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