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5 Creative Virtual Reality Startups in India

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The demand for some goods and services may have taken a serious hit due to the virus outbreak but some industries have quietly bloomed due to the same virus. Masks, sanitisers, delivery services, video calling apps, etc found a new audience as people’s priorities changed. 

In the tech space, virtual reality and augmented reality has begun to see a heightened demand as people now want more immersive technology to get them through this crisis. 

The new normal has made people adapt to having personal interactions with a close friend circle virtually which would soon demand immersive and deep tech to refine it. All the technologies that could be had have now found a sudden urgency to have. 

Virtual Reality has been a buzzing topic in India and there have been a number of startups that sprung up in the last few decades bringing innovative technologies to the world. 

5 Creative Virtual Reality Startups in India: 


Founded by Sairam Sagiraju, Parth Choksi, and Agam Garg, Meraki is one the first few Virtual Reality players in the country. The company creates engaging and immersive content for businesses and consumers. Unlike most product-specific VR companies, Meraki creates immersive content for experiential marketing and other activities. The startup has Star Sports as clients where they streamed IPL in 360 degree VR and they also come up with original content like Strangers Again and A Mumbai Summer. 


Virtual Reality is best explored and enjoyed in two spaces- entertainment and education. Since the latter requires more attention, VR could help make learning interesting. ImpactAll is founded by Srishti Mittal and is set to revolutionize the education system across the world. The startup provides an e-learning platform under its SaaS-based model and also 3D and VR services. An immersive experience is believed to help children remember what has been taught. 


A platform aimed at providing guided Virtual Reality as a service for sales and education. Founded by Prajwal Mugali, the platform aims to be accessible to everyone regardless of limitations. The startup also explores the use of Virtual Reality in various industries such as Real estate, automobile, and tourism. 


Based out of Bengaluru, GazeMatic is a virtual reality startup that makes true a very ardent dream for most of us- teleporting. TeleportCall VR live streaming allows a user to teleport themselves into any land of their choice while they are on call. The same goes for the user on the other side of the call. The startup is still working on it and will soon let users go for live events together. 

For those that are more into personal meets than calling, this VR startup tech is for you. This startup is Founded by Karthikeyan NG & MohanRaj MS in 2015 and has over 20,000 calls already made on it. 


An immersive reality solution for one of the most important departments in companies- Human Resources. Getting the right people on board and keeping their best interests at heart is crucial for a company to survive. LoopReality’s product PesrpectAI helps HR professionals and talent acquisition persons hire the right candidates without bias. 

The startup uses VR to create assessments that recognize the talent and potential of the recruits and if they will be the best fit for that company. The founding team has Jignesh Talasila, Suraj Vanka, Ravitheja Muthu, Karthik KV and Raviteja Koneru. 

Summing Up…

As per statistics, Virtual Reality is going to be a big game-changer in the future as it will diversify into more industries. At the moment, it has found appreciation in the fields of news, media, and entertainment. Going forward, education, communication apps, and manufacturing will also benefit from this futuristic technology. 

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