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Talent Management, Acquisition and Retention: HRMS is One Solution for All

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By Vicky Jain, Co-Founder & CEO, uKnowva – 360 Degree HRMS

Any business strategy should consider talent management as it aids in managing its people, the company’s most valuable resource. A careful application of this approach can help improve the overall performance of the business and make sure that it maintains its competitiveness and sustains the dynamic market.

Vicky Jain

According to a recent study, there could be up to 85 million unfilled employment openings by the year 2030 as a result of the untrained workforce. With the help of a human resource management system (HRMS), organisations can prepare a skilled and future-ready workforce. Along with increasing employee satisfaction, the technology also helps the team to become more productive. Additionally, the system aids in keeping talent
within the company. Therefore, in order to manage employees and improve their talents and skills over the long term, every organisation must invest in an HRMS.

Which Essential Elements Make Up Talent Management?
Employers often need to do the following to develop the kind of talent strategy that propels a company forward:
● Synchronise talent goals with broader business goals
● Meet employee expectations and follow through on hiring commitments
● Make smarter workforce decisions by relying on real-time data

How HRMS Assists in Talent Management?
Equipping and engaging people to optimise productivity is not a singular task. There are numerous employer responsibilities like recruitment, onboarding, training & development, performance management, and employee motivation which must be fulfilled to excel at talent management. Here’s how HRMS can help achieve the same:

Hire the Right People
Even though it’s challenging enough to distinguish between candidates during the hiring process, the difficulty increases when the organisation wants it done quickly. The costs associated with this procedure can also be extremely high depending on the size of the organisation. Thus, it is critical that the process is as efficient as possible. A significant part of the recruitment process is centered on external advertising. The majority of the time, this entails human resources personnel sending job postings to a huge number of vendors. It can take a while because the information required varies from vendor to vendor. An AI-backed, agile, and scalable HRMS can manage this by handling and organising the specifics of various jobs, which otherwise, the staff maintains manually.

Additionally, with numerous applicants submitting their CVs along with cover letters, there is a huge amount of data that needs to be processed. With the help of an HRMS, employers can evaluate applications online and manage and organise CVs according to abilities and experience. This makes it simpler to identify potential employees and onboard hired personnel into the business.

Better Employee Onboarding
In any firm, the onboarding of new employees is crucial. Because a brand’s first impression has the power to make or break it. Employees are left with a positive image after a successful onboarding. This acclimates employees to their job roles, the organisation’s philosophies, and what the company has to offer. With the use of an HRMS, new hires can complete the required paperwork without depending on HR personnel, saving time for both.

Learning & Development
The productivity of an employee who has received appropriate training is higher than that of an untrained employee. Businesses have the incentive to teach employees and encourage learning as a result. An HRMS can be used to design effective training programmes that motivate staff to pick up new skills. As a result, there will be an increase in workplace productivity. Any kind of professional education can be sought, which will ultimately help the organisation grow in stature and reach. Additionally, with HRMS software there’s no need to keep separate systems for employee training and development as a unified system serves different purposes.

Empower Employees
Employees can use a variety of self-service options with an on-cloud HRMS. They get quick access to information on salary statements, hours worked, performance reviews, work schedules, and leave balances. Employees benefit from having peace of mind because they are relieved of these fundamental worries. They can concentrate better on their work. The majority of HRMSs now includes a mobile app, making it easier for employees to access their professional records. Additionally, modular HR software provides managers with simple access to employee records, facilitating quicker decision-making.

Performance Management
A successful performance management system not only takes into account the manager’s feedback, but also that of the employees and everyone else who works with employees. This can apply to their managers, co-workers, and even subordinates.

In some HRMSs, the 360-degree feedback procedure entails developing a thoughtful survey and sending it to the target employee’s managers, subordinates, and co-workers. This enables managers or HR leaders to get a holistic view of the employee’s experience and performance, enabling them to make better strategic goals for individuals and teams. Most MNCs have adopted this idea, which has been gaining popularity for a while.

Final Say
In a nutshell, talent management is something that every organisation should practice. Any corporate organisation can develop a culture-fit and loyal workforce with its assistance. The significance of talent management and human resource management systems (HRMS) becomes clear as one considers the evolution of the business as a whole. The organisation can achieve a new level of sustainability and profitability with each new job opening or employee development program.

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