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Tips and tricks for optimal use of active noise cancellation in meetings

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By Sudeep Roy, Sales Director, EPOS

When conducting corporate meetings, background noises can easily derail even the finest productivity attempts. From car honking to loud traffic in the background, unnecessary noise can make it difficult for people to concentrate or hear one another. However, thanks to technological advancement, active noise cancellation (ACN) emerged as an effective tool for actively canceling out ambient noise around you. This is where, wearing ANC-enabled headphones or headset, allows the organiser to effectively block out undesirable noise and create a more concentrated meeting environment. To maximise the efficacy of the meeting even further, every employee should be educated on how to use ANC devices properly and encouraged to choose a quiet location.

Here, let’s delve into some tips and tricks for making the most out of ANC in your meetings:
Select the right headsets: In an era where digitalisation is ruling every facet of life, selecting the correct hardware is critical to a good ANC experience in meetings. Active noise cancellation is not the same for all headsets. So, when selecting a gadget for your meetings, consider ANC quality, comfort, and battery life. As a result, choose headsets from reputed companies that specialise in active noise cancellation technologies. Multiple noise-sensing microphones, adaptive algorithms, and programmable ANC levels can all help to create a more personalized and effective noise-cancelling experience. Comfort is another significant factor. Since meetings can last many hours, selecting headphones with plush ear cushions or lightweight headsets will help you stay comfortable throughout the event. Furthermore, increased battery life is advantageous for prolonged meetings and minimizes disruptions due to low power. Thus, opting for headphones with active noise cancellation is unquestionably an effective choice, allowing you to tune out of the open office and into your world of work.

Customise your ANC settings: It’s worth noting that each meeting space has a unique ambient sound. To
optimize the efficiency of ANC, it’s essential to customise the settings based on your surroundings. Most
ANC devices come with adjustable noise-canceling settings or modes, allowing you to fine-tune the
cancellation to match your specific scenario. For example, if you’re in a busy office or a noisy café, you
may need to set high ANC levels to eliminate constant background noise. On the other hand, if you’re in
a quieter home office, you may be able to get away with a lower ANC setting that filters out occasional
distractions without making you feel completely isolated. To determine the best ANC level for your
typical meeting environments, try experimenting with different settings during non-critical moments.
Some devices even have smart adaptive ANC, which adjusts in real-time based on the noise levels it
detects, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Choose an appropriate environment for a hassle-free experience: When preparing for a meeting, it’s essential to pick a location that matches the meeting’s purpose and helps ensure a seamless and productive experience. Keep in mind that no two meeting rooms or spaces are the same, and it’s important to select a meeting room or space that supports clear communication and minimizes distractions. Factors such as the level of noise, lighting, and seating arrangements can significantly impact the effectiveness of ANC, so be sure to take these into account when deciding on your meeting space. By doing so, you can maximize the potential for a successful meeting outcome by creating an environment that is conducive to active listening and focused discussion.

Combine ANC with software features: ANC technology is great for reducing external noise. But, to have
a better meeting experience, you can pair it with software features. Nowadays, many video
conferencing platforms have noise suppression features that work together with ANC. These features
target specific audio frequencies linked to common background noises. By enabling these features, you
can complement your ANC device and eliminate background distractions. This will make your voice
clearer, ensuring that you can hear others without interruptions. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep your
meeting software updated since developers frequently release improvements and optimisations for
noise suppression features. By doing so, you can benefit from the latest advancements in virtual
meeting technology.

Active noise cancellation: A perfect ally for a successful meeting!
There is no denying the fact that unwanted noise can have a significant impact on more than just productivity. It can cause stress and anxiety, and it can even irritate the attendees. This is why active noise cancellation emerges as a great ally during meetings. It allows you to tune out of the open office and into your work environment. By using the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can fully utilise ANC for more productive and effective collaborations. As the corporate world continues to change, incorporating these tips into your meeting routine will undoubtedly lead to a smoother and more enjoyable professional experience. Additionally, it’s crucial to be aware of your behavior during meetings. Although ANC can reduce background noise, it’s essential to contribute to a quiet and focused meeting environment to achieve the desired result.

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