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Big job opportunities in data science & machine learning

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By Kunal Jain 

Meet Ajay – he had completed his Civil Engineering 10 years back. He was then hired by one of India’s largest IT services companies out of college. He started his career in a high growth industry and accordingly Ajay grew in his career. Over these years, Ajay travelled to several continents serving several clients in different domains. He also got married during this time and has a daughter.

Kunal Jain, CEO & Founder, Analytics Vidhya

While everything on the surface looked fine, Ajay started feeling the heat. He has been trying to do a “job switch” – a strategy which worked well for him in the past. Only, this time there were not many takers for his skill. The ones who were, wanted more skills or experience and were not ready to provide lucrative offers for the switch.

Cutting the story short, it was not until Ajay upskilled himself in some of the latest technologies like Data Science and Machine Learning that he landed up with the right job. He could not grow further in his career and felt stagnated. Thankfully, he found the right course online and spent his time over the weekends in evening to learn Data Science on his own.

It is not just Ajay facing this challenge – any working professional or student passing out of colleges today is bound to face this challenge. We are no longer in the world where we undergo education once and worked for the rest of your life. With the pace of change in technology, several industries are getting disrupted, workflows are getting automated and roles are evolving. If you don’t upskill every few years – you will be left behind. It will be only a matter of time before you are out of depth.

Over the last decade, India has been one of the top providers for IT talent and workforce. With our huge pool of English speaking graduates good in Maths and logical reasoning – we have been a force in the industry. But these people are now facing challenges they have never seen before.

With technologies like “Machine Learning” and “Data Science” becoming mainstream, these people need to re-skill themselves. Not only this – Data Science and Machine Learning are going to be one of the biggest opportunities for companies and businesses in the next 10 – 15 years. Sundar Pichai (CEO of Alphabet) and Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) have both iterated this multiple times in the last few years.

This is where courses in Data Science and Machine Learning come to the rescue. And they have been booming like no other industry in the last few years. These courses provide knowledge of latest tools and techniques like Machine Learning along with their applications to make people industry ready.
When we started Analytics Vidhya back in 2013 – there were hardly any course providers in the industry. Today, there are a whole range of options available to people. Our own community of learners has increased from a few hundred people to millions of people in this period.

People willing to undergo courses today have a wide variety of options. They can take the courses at their own pace and availability (self paced courses) or they can take online instructor led courses or even physical classroom based courses. You can choose the learning which suits your style and needs. There are universities from India and outside India offering Data Science and Machine Learning courses. If you can invest a few lakhs, you can consider those options as well.

We believe that hundreds of thousands of professionals and students are undergoing this journey today. And this will only increase in the next few years. Such is the shortfall of talent in this booming fast growth industry. According to a report published by McKinsey in December 2016, the shortfall of data scientists only in the US stands at ~250,000. Add other countries and continents and you will not find any other industry with such a shortfall.”

Also, the need to learn Data Science and Machine Learning is not limited to just aspiring data scientists and IT professionals. Every business manager would need to understand them. If you are a marketing manager or a sales manager, you will need to understand the impact of Machine Learning and Data Science on your domain.

Once you include these people, the number of people who need to re-skill or up-skill stands in a few millions in India. That is the underlying reason why you see Data Science and Machine Learning courses booming in India.

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