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10 fiery crucial days to watch out for!

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V S Parthasarathy, Group CFO, Group CIO & Member of Group Executive Board, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, shares how one of his colleagues who is passionate about astrology, has a prediction on the fiery days coming up and how one needs to safeguard as well leverage technology to create opportunities from the threats

Astrologically, 2nd April 2018 late evening, two planets Saturn (Shani) and Mars (Mangal) are meeting together in exact degrees in Sagittarius sign. This scene is likely to continue for next 10 days and hence it’s a crucial time to be aware, care and prepare.

Saturn (Shani) resembles air element whereas Mars (Mangal) represents Fire element. Sagittarius sign is also fiery by nature. Further, Mars describes energy, strength, blood, accidents, inflammable liquids. Saturn describes metals, oils etc. This combination of Fire and Air elements may lead to catastrophe w.r.t. fire.

Recently increase in fire incidents across the globe and aviation industry cancelling due to engine failures are relevant examples of these situations.

Also, the planet Uranus – also known as Mad Scientist- represents innovations and mystical things trackable with data is forming a Navpancham Yoga with this conjunction. Uranus currently is in Aries sign which is also fiery in nature. The combination of these 3 planets is likely to influence the technology sector as well. The equipment used in the IT sector will need a close vigilance to prevent from sudden and extra ordinary alterations.

There is an opportunity in every threat and with the advent of technology, we should grab it.

What are the threats that this fiery conjunction brings about are,
1. Area prone for fire / using fire as an input (foundries, heat treatment)
2. Departments handling molten metal, especially iron, steel, nickel.
3. Sections handling of oils, charcoal, sharp tools, grinders
4. Boilers, Furnaces, Cupolas, Compressors
5. Internal movements of heavy vehicles e.g. forklifts
6. IT equipment & Data centers also needs equal focus

How to manage in this situation,
a. Stringent maintenance controls for machines, tools fixtures, dies etc.
b. Rigorous monitoring of machines and vigilance
c. Strict adherence to use of safety devices / norms
d. Checking functioning of fire extinguishers & extinguishing mechanisms
e. Immediate notification and remediation of abnormalities, if any
f. Availability of prompt First Aid services, in case of mishaps

What is the opportunity?
Machine Learning which is increasingly getting a lot of hype, will get the best feeds during this period and the learning curve will have a sharp ascent. All machines which are undergoing ML will have huge data during this period which otherwise won’t surface up and the opportunity to focus on algorithms will be here & now.

One more interesting astrological guidance is that, this is the best time when those long pending decisions related to investments in maintenance as well as new technology solutions will get through. So those thinking brains need to work little harder and close on the best possible solutions quickly.
That makes those fiery days not interrupting our routine life but still prepare ourselves for the future great days.

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