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10 programming languages that are in demand among top hiring companies

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Coding continues to be one of the most in-demand skills in the job market. Many professionals are considering getting into the field. Possessing the required skills in coding can open doors to some of the highest-paying jobs. One of the main questions that professionals have before getting started is about finding out which programming language to choose and what steps to take to get into coding. The best way to get started is by first understanding which languages are presently in demand, to make this easy online learning platform Simplilearn says that it has come up with a list of ten programming languages that developers and coding enthusiasts should look out for in 2019 to upskill themselves for a bigger paycheck and to excel at their job roles.

Based on the present market demands, the top 10 programming languages that top hiring companies are looking out for are :

Python without a doubt is the number one programming language. It supports procedure-oriented programming as well as object-oriented programming; and provides scripting capabilities when embedded with other programming languages like C or C++. Python applications are used for scientific, numeric computing, image processing, graphic design applications and plays a very important role in Linux distributions for creating web applications frameworks.

JavaScript was created to provide users with the option to select both functional or object-oriented programming methodologies. If you know JavaScript, chances are you can handle any layer of web application.  It provides a rich and detailed interface for websites and can be used in combination with other programming languages like Perl and PHP. It can also be used to create small scale games and applications.

c-sharp follows the principles of object-oriented programming and enables fast development with a large number of inbuilt functions that users can take advantage of. One of the features offered by C sharp is that it works with a structured approach. It provides automatic scaling and updates and derives most of its principles from C++ and Java. Some of the applications that are made possible with the C sharp is used along with applications like ASP for web development.

Java is one of the most commonly learned and used languages in the world- more than 3 billion mobile phones in the world use Java for its proper functioning. Java is platform-independent which means java source codes can run on all operating systems like Windows, Linux etc. Some of the applications of Java are in the applications for Android phones and Java Development Kit sim cards utility meters televisions which also use embedded java technologies within them. It is used for web applications with the help of servlets struts and JSPS and is used for writing applications that involve mathematics or complex scientific calculations

Swift is one of the most readable programming languages. It is also an open source language which enables it to be constantly updated and improved. One of the features offered by Swift is that if you write a code in Swift and it gets automatically fixed. so, in case there are issues in the code it is getting fixed as you write the code which reduces the amount of time and money required to fix the error. Swift enables users to develop apps which have a mixed codebase and allows a combination of different codes and languages. Some of the applications of swift is that you can develop applications for iOS, Mac, and OST version. It is also used in online compilers and websites that are used to create web frameworks for websites and applications.

Go reportedly works faster than most programming languages in the market and has a strong standard library. An important feature of Go is its inbuilt testing support can improve programming productivity. It also provides easier memory management as compared to other programming languages such as C and C++. Go is used in distributed applications that require a large amount of processing power- it can be used to create websites that can offer both static as well as dynamic content; and create applications for scraping data from websites.

Being an open source programming language, R allows you to access the source code and perform any modifications that is required on the language. It provides an environment for implementing statistical techniques. R has a wide range of tools that can be used for data analysis and is commonly used language in mathematical applications; it can be compiled on a wide range of operating systems like UNIX, windows or Mac OS.  R provides data handling and storage facilities and can be used as an interpreted language just like PHP.

Scala was designed to solve the problems that were faced by Java, it supports both object-oriented and functional programming. Scala is a statically typed language and once you set a type for a variable you cannot make changes, it can be compiled into Java bytecode and executed in the Java Virtual Machine. Scala is used for data analysis, other machine learning algorithms and to create web applications services. It also improves runtime stability performance and the overall developer productivity.

Ruby is a free format language which allows you to start writing code from any line or column.  It is a dynamic language which makes the type checking take place during the runtime and there are set of loose out keywords that cannot be used for anything else other than what they were created for. Ruby is used for server-side, scripting and configuration management; it is used in embedded systems, mending machines, industrial robots, and network routers. It is also used for creating native applications for the iOS and the Android operating systems.

Regardless of the operating system, PHP was created keeping in mind that it should be an efficient way for database management- hence, it works with a wide number of operating systems such as UNIX, Windows, Linux etc. One of the main features of PHP is that it is an interpreted language; most programming languages require each line of code to be converted to machine code in the compilation process which is not required in PHP – this makes it faster and provides real-time access monitoring. It is faster for scripting languages like ASP and JSP. Almost 82% of all websites on the internet use PHP for server-side programming and it also supports multiple databases like MySQL, Oracle, and number of protocols such as POP3.


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