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5 Mobile apps to Boost Your Productivity this Year!

At the beginning of the New Year, its time to create magic and do wonders in your workspace. These 5 mobile apps are here to help you become productive!

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Smartphones have been really successful in keeping us captivated and have opened up a plethora of mobile apps that are productive and are easily available to users. Mobile apps these days are have expanded their horizons so much that there are mobile apps for grocery shopping, banking, social networks, and almost everything. 

Now, we have these productivity mobile apps that help people perform better and be efficient at what they are doing. The question here is do these apps actually help you perform better? Also, does it give you the ability to work in a pretty fast manner, that hasn’t been possible yet? It’s time that you must take advantage of modern technology, in order to increase your effectiveness both in and outside the office.

Here are 5 mobile apps that would help you increase your productivity:


Evernote Productivity App

Evernote is one of the 5 mobile apps that is a go-to mobile app for almost everything. It helps one write their ideas and even format them with rich text, with checklists. This would help prepare their quick to-do lists and reminders, regarding the most essential notes that one needs to remember. You may very well drag in files, or use the built-in camera tool to scan documents and keep a track of tickets, receipts, forms and more.

Additionally, this Evernote Web Clipper helps in clipping articles, receipts, and online references to your notebooks. Evernote also helps in turning paper post-it notes to digital notes, and also tag notes with their location to retrace ones’ thoughts and steps. 


Keeper Productivity App

Could you actually count the number of days when you can’t remember your passwords? Either you chose to summon the IT person of your team, or just hit the reset button straight. Keeper mobile app has an ability to sync across devices, meaning you are saved from the frustration of repeatedly entering the wrong password and lock your accounts, or having to reset them. This app keeps everything behind a single ‘master’ password, that erases your secrets once a hack is attempted.


Speek Productivity App

Speek works wonders for conference calls. Surely, con calls are an important part of business operations. Using speek, all you have to do is pick up a personal link that takes the place of traditional PIN or phone numbers. Post that, they send it to other callers, when they want to join the call, all they have to do is to click on the link from their gadget – smartphone, iPad, tablet or desktop. It cuts down the presence of third parties, hold music, or dodgy lines. Speek is a productive mobile app that is apt to be used by modern businesses, and its usage is free.


Highrise Productivity App

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app, Highrise helps one to manage your tasks and objectives and that of your team. It helps in integrating with all of your email accounts and calendars and also tracking your leads and proposals. This app also provides an opportunity to pull in a whole wealth of information and updates on any device.

Another interesting feature of this app is its ability to link photos to clients’ profiles, along with LinkedIn and Twitter. It allows people to custom tag companies and individuals within the system, in order to ensure a quicker and simpler way of getting connected.


Shoeboxed Productivity App

It might be difficult to claim expenses and also time-consuming, to full out all those forms and keeping a tab on the receipts. Shoeboxed is a free app that enables you to scan your receipts into your phone, and then it collates and organises those receipts for you.

Another handy feature of Shoeboxed mobile app is that it lets you sort the umpteen number of business cards that you have collected. You have an option to scan the business card with your phone and the information is pulled out from the image, and stored in your personal contact list. 

Why Productive mobile apps are useful?

In our busy and hectic schedules, we hardly have the time to take care of the nitty-gritty. These mobile apps might help us stay better focussed, connected and productive. After, good productivity depends on a number of factors, and these apps only make our lives easier. Since India has the highest data usage per smartphone, a lot of people can benefit from this.

Images Sources: UnderConsideration, Keeper Security, Shoeboxed website,

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