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A10 Network report shares insight into app related behavioral tendencies

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Realizing the importance of apps in our day to day life A10 Networks has conducted a research in 10 countries, representing some of the world’s largest economies and fastest growing populations of technology adopters: Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. While demonstrating the research at an event at Bangalore, Neil Wu Becker, VP Marketing, A10 Networks explained, “Understanding the dependency on apps in our lives raises questions about the diligence we apply to protecting our personal information. This is important when considering the use of personal and work apps with work-issued devices on corporate networks in the workplace. AIR’s insight into behavioral tendencies with apps and the impact on personal and business risk is a topic that is not addressed enough. As a security vendor, we see a need to increase the volume on factoring in human behavior with technology Investments. After all, the greatest security technology can be undermined by negligent behavior, and we want to help our customers protect their solution investments, businesses, and employees.”

According to the results of A10 Networks’ Application Intelligence Report (AIR), work and personal apps are so integral in daily life that many in the global workforce believe it is impossible and physically uncomfortable to live without them, comparing them in importance to basic daily nourishment like eating, breathing and socializing. AIR examined the human and cultural side of technology trends – specifically, the interaction with applications and the growing security implications that result personally and for businesses and their IT organizations.

Based on research involving more than 2,000 business and IT professionals at companies from various industries around the world- including India, AIR addresses the rise in use and significance of apps in our lives, in which lines blur between how the global workforce manages work and personal business through use of apps at home, in the office and anywhere in between.

The key findings of the research gave us the very clear picture of the importance of app in our life, attitudes towards using app and security, and cybersecurity behavior and threats.





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