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ADD Technologies India Ltd launches five revolutionary GPS based safety devices

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ADD Technologies India Ltd has launched five revolutionary individual and asset safety products under its Relyeon GPS tracking device brand. Powered by global positioning system (GPS) technology, these world-class safety devices ensure that guardians, institute administrators, corporate managements, and the operations heads at banking organisations never lose track of the individuals and the assets they value most.

The products introduced include:

• Relyeon GPS Watches and Pendants
• Relyeon GPS ID Cards for Students
• Relyeon GPS Vehicle Tracker Device
• Relyeon ATM Surakshak – ATM Fence

1) Relyeon GPS Watches and Pendants

Relyeon Watches and Pendants help you ensure round-the-clock safety of your loved ones with the help of GPS-based monitoring. Some of the key features of Relyeon GPS Watches and Pendants are listed below:

• The real-time tracking feature helps you instantly locate your loved ones anytime, anywhere—even when you are away from your home.

• The voice monitoring feature enables you to always be aware of your loved ones’ valuables as well as surroundings, by capturing and transmitting the sounds and voices near the device to you in real-time.

• The geo-fencing feature automatically sends out alerts to different numbers when the device exits a geographic area predefined as safe. This way, you can ensure that your loved ones do not venture into the areas they are not supposed to and stay safe.

• Two-way communication allows your loved ones to communicate with you (registered mobile number) directly through the Relyeon GPS Watch as well as Relyeon GPS Pendent.

• SOS panic button sends alerts through SMS, email or call on the registered mobile number.
2) Relyeon GPS Vehicle Tracker

Relyeon GPS Vehicle Tracker helps individuals, organisations, and fleet operators to monitor the movement of their on-road vehicles. Some of the key features of the vehicle tracker are given below:

• Real-time tracking helps you instantly locate your moving vehicle anytime and from anywhere.

• Sleep mode raises an alarm in case of unauthorised movement or theft of your vehicle is detected.

• ACC/Ignition On/Off alert gets activated in case your car’s ignition is turned on without your consent.

• Geo-fencing sends out alerts to different numbers when your vehicle exits an area that is beyond the predefined as safe (or permitted) route.

• Relyeon vehicle tracker device records the Vehicle Tracking History which can later be played back to know the exact route the vehicle has travelled. This information can also be downloaded for record or future reference.

• The device has a special, Fleet Management feature immensely useful to fleet operators who want to keep a tab on their vehicles round-the-clock.

• The Voice Monitoring feature allows you to hear the voices and sounds inside your vehicle.

• The Immobilize option allows you to remotely halt the vehicle once its speed drops to 20 kmph or below.

• The people inside the vehicle can use SOS panic button to send alerts through SMS, email or call on the registered mobile number.

• Fuel monitoring and many more features for safety and security of the vehicle and your loved ones inside.

3) Relyeon ATM Surakshak – ATM Fence

ADD Technologies has introduced Relyeon ATM Surakshak– ATM Fence, an Asset Safety Device targeted at banking corporations. The key features of ATM Surakshak– ATM Fence are as below:

• real-time Tracking helps you instantly locate your ATM from anywhere.

• Tamper Alarm raises an alert instantly when any tampering attempt is detected at the ATM booth.

• The device sends out an alert when the temperature inside your ATM booth shoots up beyond a pre-specified limit, thus, ensuring healthy functioning of the air-conditioning equipment inside the ATM booth. When the Air-conditioners installed inside the ATM booths work properly, it instantly results in increased satisfaction levels amongst the bank’s customers.

• The vibration alarm sets off upon detection of any unusual movement inside the ATM booth and sends an alert.

• Geo-fencing sends out alerts to different numbers when the device moves beyond a pre-specified geographic area.
4) Relyeon GPS based Student Safety ID cards

Relyeon GPS ID cards devices to ensure the safety of students—on campus and beyond. The salient features of Relyeon GPS ID cards are given below:

• Real-time tracking feature helps you instantly locate students and employees.

• Dual-Mode Tracking powered by GPS helps provide the accurate location of the student wearing the ID card.

• Voice Monitoring feature enables the institute administrator to always be aware of students’ surroundings allowing her/him to hear the voices and sounds near the device in real-time.

• Geo-fencing sends out alerts to different numbers when the student carrying the ID card moves beyond the geographic areas designated as safe. This way, institute managements can make sure that their students stay safe at all times—by not venturing into potentially unsafe areas.

• SOS panic button allows students to send alerts through SMS, email or call to the registered mobile number.

Lastly, all the Relyeon brand of GPS powered safety devices come bundled with many additional safety and security features such as Two-Way Authentication, GPS Labs, and Mobile App Portal for round-the-clock Device and Asset Monitoring and Management.

At a launch function held amongst channel partners in Bengaluru, Anil Sethi, Chairman and Managing Director, ADD Technologies India Ltd. said, “We are pleased to announce our new exciting offerings. Our children and the loved ones deserve to enjoy life with safety, and ADD Technologies, with its technology expertise, always strives to fulfil safety and security needs of people.”

Stating that the new products will be targeted at both, consumer as well commercial sectors through channel partners, Sethi added, “Our revolutionary, global positioning system (GPS) technology powered personal safety and security devices will help our customers ensure that the people they value the most are safe and secure at all times. Our effort is to provide tools and technologies to people and corporations not to lose sight of their loved ones, the valuables, or important business assets through Relyeon products which are designed for unmatched safety and security.”

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