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Can Technology Boost The Fitness Industry Too?

Well known fitness startup Fitternity has gained immense popularity over the days, owing to their unique business model. But how is the fitness industry adapting to technology to keep things going?

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Health tech startups have been inculcating the newest forms of technology to keep the business up and running. Whether it is switching to the online mode of conducting classes or providing virtual forms of training, startups in the health tech space have been optimising technology to the fullest.

Neha Motwani & Jayam Vora, Co-Founders of Fitternity take us through an inside tour and demonstrate how technology has been the flagbearer in their day to day functioning. In an elaborate conversation with Gairika Mitra, the duo give us a clear understanding. 

What approach is Fitternity adapting while everyone is home quarantined?

During unprecedented times like these, when the world is battling with the COVID-19 pandemic, Fiternity has taken a series of steps, as a platform dedicated to providing fitness solutions and operating in the preventive healthcare space. Fitternity has always believed that a strong immune system, a healthy mind and body is imperative and our new virtual offerings help users continue their fitness journey from their homes.

With a variety of workout options to choose from and guidance provided by industry experts and trainers, Fitternity has introduced the best initiatives possible by bringing fitness classes to consumers at their homes to provide maximum flexibility. Through these sessions, users can have access to all their fitness needs at the tip of their fingers from the comfort of their homes.

  • FitternityLIVE
  • LiveStream- Interactive Online Sessions: 

Fitternity has launched a unique marketplace for live streaming of workout classes wherein a user can pre-pay, book and attend live classes from their favourite gyms, fitness centres or trainers from the comfort of their home. Using this service user can interact with the trainers, ask questions, coming as close to an in-studio workout experience as possible. Users have an option to browse through classes curated by over thousands of fitness centres and trainers and select the same as per their preference. Additionally, users can also partake in Nutrition, Meditation and Mental Wellness talks from top experts, making the platform a holistic destination for everything fitness.

  • Fit-TV (Video On demand) 

Fit-TV is an independent high quality virtual fitness video streaming platform providing users a series of workout videos by top celebrity trainers and fitness coaches in the country. This feature offers users the option to start – pause – restart – repeat as per their convenience and have seamless access to all kinds of workouts like Functional Training, Pilates, Calisthenics, Yoga and more. 

  • OnePass Virtual

Fitternity has introduced a digital version of their prime product, OnePass as OnePass Virtual. OnePass Virtual offers unlimited usage of Fitternity livestream classes and Fit-TV. It is a product recommended for users who love the flexibility of experiencing different classes whenever they want from home.

This virtual mode of accessing fitness is playing a huge role in making the masses understand the importance of building immunity and motivating them to be fit. Virtual fitness services are no longer looked at as an alternate method of working-out, it has in fact become the ‘new normal’. 

Are you sure that switching to the online mode of fitness training ensures privacy?

Since its inception, Fitternity has been technology-driven while devising fitness offerings for the consumers. As a health-tech platform, Fitternity is committed to the protection of personal information provided by the users. Being a tech-driven company, the platform has taken all privacy measures and abides by the norms when it comes to sensitive information of its users.

Have you encountered any security threats so far? How are you combating those?

No, Fitternity has not encountered any security threats so far. The team is constantly monitoring the internal and external servers via various tools to keep it highly secure for the users. 

How are you catering to the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities when you might have a broad target audience?

While Fitternity has always worked towards servicing consumers across all demographics, the advent of virtual fitness services has acted as a boon for many. The digital penetration in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities further allows Fitternity to cater to the consumers who would earlier have very limited access to fitness activities. Even though mobility is restricted and people are confined to their homes, it is due to the online services that users in the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities have access to a  variety of online classes and trainers/experts or fitness studios based out of a different city. 

If this continues to be the new normal, how is Fitternity expected to cope up?

In our opinion, the COVID-19 pandemic is going to impact the fitness industry for a couple of quarters. That being said, the nature of the relationship a user will have with his gym/fitness studio will depend on the following factors-

A- The studio using technology like Fitternity to be able to cater to the offline users through virtual touchpoints. This not only helps to keep engagement but also allows top of the mind loyalty with the gym/studio

B- The safety measures taken by gyms/fitness studios once they reopen are crucial to determine the user relationship with them. Social distancing in group classes, frequent santinitisation of the space etc are some practices followed globally and we intend to work with our partners to set these safety guidelines

In a futuristic world, both the engagement models between users and gyms/studios will co-exist  leading to higher revenue and more footfall both virtually and offline. So far, Fitternity has received a highly encouraging and validating consumer response. The platform is seeing a rise in the number of fitness enthusiasts in the country and has witnessed an average of 7/10 users praising their interaction with the trainers on livestream sessions and narrating how it made their experience very similar to taking an actual physical class. Over 85% of users have expressed heartfelt appreciation towards Fitternity Livestream. Fitternity has empowered 2000+ fitness studios to go online. 

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