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Fashion Tech Startups Bank On Technology To Be More ‘Fashionable’

In the era of fast fashion where approx. 3.8 billion clothing is dumped annually, Samshék is one of the tech startups that effectively combines technology and fashion to solve the two major issues of the garment industry- Sizing & Sustainability.

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By incorporating tech into fashion, Samshék delivers clothing that fits into any body shape and at the same time turns their consumers into ethical buyers. Being a tech-based fashion house, they are one of the first to introduce the 3D body scanning technology in India.They also have a digital option to input one’s personalised measurements at their store and online as well.

Talking to Express Computer, Samiksha Bajaj and Abhishek Bajaj, Co-Founders, Samshék tell us how the fusion between fashion and tech works.

What do you think would a post pandemic world look like? How would it affect the fashion tech space?

The post-pandemic society will witness a change in consumer behavior and overall lifestyle. It is believed that the initial months will be difficult for sure, but as things will gradually improve-more and more consumers will want a physical shopping experience. When we talk about established brands, they might have to re-innovate their businesses in terms of technology evolution, customer engagement, and sustainable practices. This can also prove beneficial for small businesses to emerge as a stronger force since they hold the capability to adjust according to the changing demands of the new age consumer. Nonetheless, everyone is hopeful that last quarter of this FY 2020-21 and the year ahead, 2021-22, the retail sector will bounce back

How have technological advancements bolstered Samshek?

If we define our exclusiveness in Samshék, it will be a zero inventory model. While most brands have adapted their consumers in accordance with their product, we have done the exact opposite. At Samshék we have adapted our product in accordance with the consumer we are catering to. Each item of clothing is personalised for one’s body shape and measurements. In other words, with the help of technological advancements- we have replaced mass production with something which is far more sustainable and user friendly- Mass customization.

Could you give us some detailed insights into how is technology coupled in fashion, considering the fact that the concept is fairly new in India?

We are one of the first to introduce 3D body scanners in the Indian retail industry. No human contact technology that takes your 110 body measurements in just 5 seconds and enables the whole personalisation process easier. We also have a digital inventory system that stores 1500+ digital clothing options that are made-to-order and delivered within 48 hours to 5 working days pan India.

It’s a no brainer that technology has to be executed in all business forms more or less. What do you have to say about this increased dependence?

Dependency on technology to both an individual and on a societal level may not be entirely healthy. But the reality is that as we move forward, we need to embrace technology and digital life without being entirely dependent on it. In many areas, technology has provided us with solutions that have only helped us to evolve. And if technology promises a sustainable future and at the same time makes our life easier, then it is important to use it.

These days many offices have switched to virtual offices, as part of their BCP. Any possibility of Samshek heading the same way?

Our immediate milestone would be to set our plans in motion despite the current situation and move towards our target growth. For the long term, we are looking for an online expansion as well as technological expansion in terms of virtual mirrors, AI app.

Any concluding words for the hustlers?
Love what you do and stay focused. Don’t take no for an answer and never shy away to learn from your mistakes. Try and if you fail, then try harder.

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