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ProTeen revolutionises digital career counselling in India

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ProTeen announced the launch of its next-generation digital and integrated academic and career guidance platform built for high-school and college students to make informed career choices in the 21st-century.

Since its inception in 2015, ProTeen has created a network of over 60,000 students across 150+ institutes and career centres and is known for its proprietary student assessments with 600+ career demos and 3000+ experiential tasks.

With the pandemic amplifying distance education and learning, the demand for digital education platforms has witnessed a steep growth. ProTeen boasts easy navigation, an engaging interface, personalised content, clear actionable academic and career paths, gamification, and much more.

Ingesting market feedback directly from thousands of students and parents, ProTeen’s platform delivers new-age academic and career guidance backed by an all-new user experience, deeply personalised content, and rich analytics and insights.

ProTeen’s 3D Awareness engine provides integrated academic and career guidance, analytics, and empowers students, counsellors, and parents

ProTeen’s comprehensive psychometric assessment is built on parameters of Aptitude, Interest, Multiple Intelligences, and Personality. These assessment tests are optimised to provide the best-suited results and are measured through a proven scientific process.

Their comprehensive nature ensures that every facet important to the development of a student’s career path is fully analysed and mapped.

ProTeen’s analytics and insights simplify complex concepts to ensure that all students and their parents have a clear actionable path, with or without the help of career experts. The detailed insights not only capture who you are, but also explains how to leverage your strengths, use learning techniques, and improve on weaknesses.

ProTeen also believes in involving parents in the process and ensures they are fully aligned with their child’s future path. ProTeen’s next-gen platform gives parents access to the world of careers and allows them to explore their child’s assessment through an easy-to-use dashboard and play an active role in helping their child make an informed career decision.

As an inclusive platform, ProTeen empowers counsellors by providing them with a powerful tool to digitally manage multiple student assessments and career paths. The platform is continuously updated to keep up with current employment market trends and industry conditions.

Leveraging psychometric assessments, a wide library of career demos, and deep insights reflecting real-world trends, counsellors can provide students with unmatched guidance and help them make the right choice at the right time.

Top stream and career recommendations for all students, along with comprehensive insights

From evaluating one’s personalised fit to future compensation potential, from understanding a typical day at work to all its pros and cons – ProTeen sheds light on every bit of information that is crucial to make an informed decision. These distinctive features aim to help individuals make informed decisions.

Students from classes 8-10 are recommended top academic streams and subjects, while those in classes 11-12 and in college are suggested top career options aligned with their psychometric parameters. A comprehensive and downloadable assessment report is instantly available – it offers a student’s “biography” that captures their life story, strengths, personality, and a compelling future roadmap.

Personalised dashboard with ease of use and collaboration

The all-new ProTeen engine is sharpened and tuned to meet every need of the rapidly evolving EdTech industry along with an upgraded dashboard set to deliver a simple yet engaging user experience.

Personalised and relevant information, clearly defined steps, and an easy user experience will allow users to not only get tremendous value but also enjoy the process of discovering an exciting future path.

Based on numerous factors like age, education, interests, etc., the ProTeen platform delivers deep personalisation to effectively help students map their career path through a holistic self-managed system.

Includes new-age career options and a dedicated platform for parents

To help students and parents make a thoroughly well-researched and informed choice, ProTeen has added 100+ new-age career options to its existing library of 500+ careers. In addition to regular careers, ProTeen also introduces new career paths that are in vogue. From offbeat options like social media influencer and food taster to green jobs in sustainability and energy management, ProTeen exposes students to the realities of the ever-evolving career world. An insight on career pros and cons, equip students and parents to make well-informed choices from the comfort of their homes.

Easy integration with schools, coaching centres, colleges

ProTeen’s technology and architecture easily integrate with third-party B2B education platforms making it highly scalable, customisable, and interoperable. This allows ProTeen to adapt to the needs of today’s tech-driven education market, and allows easier access and better collaboration for a large audience.

Speaking about the launch, Paridhi Khaitan, Managing Director, ProTeen says, “With the pandemic amplifying the growth of the EdTech industry and a flurry of new brands coming into the market, demands and expectations of students from a digital product has seen a massive change. ProTeen’s next-gen platform was designed in response to the feedback we got from our users and the wider educational ecosystem. This has helped us better understand user requirements in terms of value for money, clarity, usability, and engagement. We are proud to release India’s first fully digitally powered and integrated academic stream and career guidance platform that our users demanded – we listened to them and delivered what they wanted!”

ProTeen is a digitally enabled and fully integrated academic and career guidance platform that helps high school and college students make informed career decisions in the 21st-century. ProTeen’s 3D Awareness engine enables personalised and well-informed career decision-making for students.

The platform is known for its comprehensive psychometric assessments, 600+ career demos carrying in-depth career insights, over 3000 experiential role-plays and activities, and its 21st-Century Skills program based on the top 15 skills identified by World Economic Forum.

ProTeen is backed by a qualified team of technologists, psychologists, counsellors, and industry experts who aim to provide personalised new-age career counselling to millions of students, anytime and anywhere.

ProTeen operates across a network of students, academic institutes, individual counsellors, and third-party career centres. These are a growing network of centres in India that focus on integrated career guidance and development solutions.

ProTeen is a part of NEAT 2.0, an initiative by The All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), a Ministry of Education agency.

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