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Digital trucking startup Mavyn bridges the gap between shippers and truckers

Mavyn, a digital trucking startup company has an innovative concept benefiting shippers, truckers, drivers and partners in the associated ecosystem. Sachin Haritash, Founder & CEO, Mavyn speaks about offering logistical services at the touch of a button on a smartphone

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Mavyn incorporates technology in the logistics sector focused on the dynamics of the Indian trucking industry. The startup has created a software/platform customised as per the requirements of the trucking industry in the country. “During our trial period we tested the application and approached shippers and truckers for using our platform,” says Sachin Haritash, Founder & CEO, Mavyn. Catering to the B2B segment, it is a scalable, asset light model.

Currently Mavyn is servicing around 200 shipments with 20 shippers every month. “We have recently added 1200 truckers and 2500 vehicles on our platform as well. We started with two districts and 12 routes in April 2018; today we are available in 17 districts across India, providing services on 270 routes and continuously expanding,” states Haritash, adding that they have some of the leading companies across e-commerce, FMCG and lifestyle that are using the platform. Mavyn platform is completely paperless and cashless and the entire journey of transportation from shipment ordering to delivery is manpower less transaction.

Sachin Haritash, Founder & CEO, Mavyn

Mavyn’s innovative trucking concept aims to benefit all the four stakeholders – shippers, truckers, drivers and partners in the associated ecosystem. Haritash points out that while latest inroads in digital trucking have helped the logistics sector to become more cost competitive, the problem of high operational costs is still a hindrance. The highlight and USP of Mavyn’s model is that it provides the lowest freight rates of the day with lowest operational cost in the industry. The company acts as a bridge between the shipper and the trucker – thus encouraging transparency in the business by passing the freight secured from shipper to trucker after deducting app charges. “It does not engage in labour activities as loading and unloading are done by consignor or consignee. The business model doesn’t require any warehousing either,” he mentions.

Mavyn works on complete truck load shipments for distances of more than 800 kilometers.
The key benefits that shippers/clients can drive out of the platform are: guaranteed lowest freight rates for the day; guaranteed booking and availability within 6 hours; 24×7 availability and accessibility; digital trucking – paperless and cashless; the platform operates as a single window for all interstate transportations; companies have access to real-time tracking through the app with updates on email and sms. The shipper can decide the kind of truck, time of pick up, type of delivery services, etc. The request for vehicle is processed in a real-time with all the available truckers on the platform choosing either to accept it or pass it. “Once the trucker accepts the request, the query from shipper is closed with details for both being shared with each other. The real-time flow of information to all the partners helps to bridge the gap prevalent in the industry for years,” he adds.

Explaining the asset light business model, Haritash remarks, “We want to provide a single window solution to all the associated stakeholders. With the improved penetration of internet and availability of smart phones the way of doing business has undergone tremendous change.” The idea is to build a digital logistics industry parallel to the physical industry in India. “Our focus is not only to improve the operations of online trucking but to continuously evolve the model to meet the demands of the logistics sector,” he affirms.

Although the transactions are completely paperless, Haritash and his team are continuously working with shippers to offer them personalised services in order to forge long-term partnerships. They are providing spot pricing market through the app where shippers can use transparent pricing to make quick decisions regarding the consignments. “We are also working on creating a freight exchange index for the Indian logistics industry, which will help shippers/truckers to block shipments in advance. They would be able to better utilise their ideal capacities and safeguard themselves from any jumps/dips in demand,” says Haritash.

There are also plans to start operations in markets outside India which have potential for the business model in the coming years. Revealing his ambitious plans he says, “We aim to have 20 per cent of all commercial vehicles on Mavyn platform in the next four years.”

Acknowledging that the logistic industry is currently working on physical space where as there is very limited presence of digital trucking, Haritash concludes, “At Mavyn we want to revolutionise the Indian logistics industry by ensuring that all logistical services are available at the touch of a button on your smartphone. We call this ‘logistic on demand’.”

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