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Netherlands based startup simplifies project management

Amsterdam headquartered tech startup GETSCOPE Solutions has made project management easier by optimising your user experience, and is looking at IT-oriented countries such as India for strong business partnerships

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GETSCOPE Solutions is Amsterdam, Netherlands based startup focused on making project management an easier task. The key products and solutions include multiple project methodologies that can be used side by side (Waterfall/Scrum/Kanban) and can scale with the company; time registration; reporting; resource management; company workspace. Guido Schilperoort, Founder, Owner & CEO, GETSCOPE Solutions who had extensive work experience as a project manager and Scrum master for smaller and larger companies like publishers, marketing agencies and software companies, says that most organisations struggle with the search for a project management tool that satisfies their needs. “I had to work with three of four different tools to carry out my work as a project manager. Think of a task management tool a resource management tool, a separate tool for the hours registration that can communicate with the customer’s billing system and sometimes additional tools such as SharePoint because the IT department had implemented it. Which also plays a part is the transition phase where most companies are in. That means so much as that the management of a company thinks and acts in a traditional Waterfall way. Think of steering groups and all kinds of reports and documents which have been devised to reduce the risks, while the development teams often try to work in an Agile process.”

Guido Schilperoort, Founder, Owner & CEO, GETSCOPE Solutions

With this situation in mind he started GETSCOPE. A project management tool in which these two worlds can work side by side, a tool that can grow along with the process and maturity of a company. “You can start with a Waterfall project and once the team has grown up, convert it to a Kanban project or if you feel more in a Scrum mood, convert your Kanban project to a Scrum project,” Schilperoort says, pointing out that the starting point is that GETSCOPE must be intuitive, visual and easy to use project management tool. No video tutorials, manuals, online demos on how to use the tool are needed. Users can just log in and get going. He is proud to have officially gone live for a month and quickly build up a nice user base with paying users, along with positive feedback from these users.

Schilperoort highlights the target customer segments in India and the benefits to their businesses by implementing the solutions:

1. (Marketing) agencies

– Can work according to a structured project methodology (Waterfall / Scrum / Kanban)

– Overview of all marketing campaigns / projects resources and give insights to customers based on reports

– Can report to clients on progress / budget / etc

– Own workspace

2. Startups

– Low license costs which is interesting when you have a small budget

– Scales with the company as soon as it grows (being able to start with Kanban after more maturity switch to Scrum)

– Focus on tasks (to do list with ‘Getting things Done’ functionality)

– Being able to sit tightly on costs (reporting function)

– Possibility to create an environment per phase. Example for management overall Waterfall planning, development teams work with Kanban board

3. Contractors / freelancers

– Low license costs

– Overview on projects (for themselves or for their clients)

– Create a separate board for each customer and invite people to do so

– Per project possibility to choose a separate project method

– Entering own hours that can be uses as a justification for the work hours

4. Students

– Interesting for students who work on a project basis

– Can slowly become familiar with Agile principles

– Low license / startup costs

– For own use to give structure for upcoming work

– Use the to-do list to get focus on the task / work

5. Non-profit organisations

– Low startup / license costs related to budget

– Own workspace with projects

– 360 degrees view –

– Create projects

– Employees can invite with company email address

– Enter hours and approve them on activities

– Reporting modus to get track on budget / workload / costs and hours

Speaking about innovation, Schilperoort mentions, “In short terms, we want to ensure that we also integrate functionalities in the field of Agile developments such as SAFe and Nexus within GETSCOPE. Consider, for example, the creation of a Master Backlog so that you can work on one project with several teams at the same time.”

The startup has built up a reasonable user group in Europe, but especially in strongly IT-oriented countries such as India and America where Agile is part of the development process, it is interesting to see if it can work together with strong business partners. “We want to focus on these countries this year. The market for project management tools will only increase in the upcoming years. I think it can be very interesting for example for startups in India, who want to develop a product or service but have a small budget to use a tool such as GETSCOPE. Small costs, all the functionalities they need and of course with a nice interface,” states Schilperoort.

GETSCOPE is a project management tool that is suitable for various branches and organisations, intuitive and user-friendly, but above all based on experience and proven project methods.


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