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UK startup PESB, looks at expanding India network

UK based startup PESB, licences business transaction processing software aimed at high throughput and ultra low latency domains, such as the capital markets industry. Scott Brown, Director, PESB, shares the company's interest to broaden its network in India and seek partners to help expand its presence here

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UK based startup PESB, was established by three founders, Scott Brown, Paul Eacott and Colin Duggin, who have spent 15-20 years each trading in the financial markets at investment banks and hedge funds. “We have a created unique, proprietary code that manages and handles data in ultra-low latency. Our data progressing algorithms give our clients the competitive edge in the high stakes business of capital markets,” says Scott Brown, Director, PESB. Within a short space of time PESB has secured technology engagements/partnerships with The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME); London financial broker TP ICAP; ExVillage as the technology partner for their MoonX Exchange; and a company in India.

PESB is able to create unrivalled and real-time price and liquidity improvements for exchanges, electronic platforms and banks. “We have solutions for both broker intermediaries and central exchanges,” informs Brown.

The solutions are : PESB Exchange Solution; PESB Data Engine; PESB Implied Futures App; PESB Bond App; PESB IRS App; and PESB Asset App. “We process, analyse and transform huge throughput of data types and messages at very, very low latencies,” mentions Brown, adding that the solutions enable the following:

Traders and banks: Order execution and management and price discovery for traders, sales, compliance, risk management and best execution.

Exchanges and ECNs: Full end-to-end platform solutions from the user interfaces into the orderbooks and matching engines all the way through to clearing and settlements (single digit nano-second matching times, millions or orders per second in software).

Brokers: Desk tool versions of the software build complex revenue generating trading solutions and price discovery.

Data vendors: Enhance the value of the data you sell with real-time output running proprietary algorithms (yours or ours).

Brown points out that innovation is continuous in all of PESB product implementations. “When others talk of milliseconds and possibly microseconds our software engine exist firmly in the nanosecond realm. All of our software is 100 per cent owned by PESB,” he shares.

India focus

According to Brown, the target customer segments in India include those banks, financial institutions, data vendors, brokers and electronic platform providers, SMEs and regulators who are suffering from creaking, ageing, legacy technological infrastructure; are experiencing bottlenecks and unable to process the throughput required; worrying about future capacity; are exploring future, high throughput, low latency data/message processing projects. “You can talk to us for a bespoke solution. We can incorporate our engines into your existing architecture to do the “heavy-lifting” for you or we can we can deliver the whole system,” he states.

PESB is also partnering with an Indian company to take their workflow solution to one of India’s big problems, that of the Non-Performing Loan Assets. “Given the huge scale of numbers and logistics involved, the solution needs our technology infrastructure and high-throughput data processing ability,” he mentions.

Along with eight other leading London fintech companies, PESB was recently a part of a trade delegation to India (Mumbai and Bangalore), on an invitation from the City of London Lord Mayor, in conjunction with the Department for International Trade.

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