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Panel Discussion: Beyond Hype: CISO’s Guide to Practical Use Cases for Generative AI in Security

Elevate AI Summit 2024 | Day 2 | 13th April 2024 | Sheraton Grand Hotel, Pune

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Panelists in this video:
+ Baidyanath Kumar, CISO & Data Protection Officer, JK Lakshmi Cement (Moderator)
+ Soumick Bhattacharya, Global CISO & CDPO, Mankind Pharma
+ Dr. Yusuf Hashmi, Group CISO, Jubilant Bhartia Group
+ Kuldeep Tomar, Head – Information Security, Games24x7
+ Amarjeet Khanuja, CISO, Star Health & Allied Insurance
+ Kapil Madaan, Global Head – Information Security, Risk & Compliance, Max Healthcare
+ Subhash Singh Punjabi, CISO & Head – Enterprise Architecture, Deepak Fertilizers & Petrochemicals
+ Mihirr P Thaker, CISO, All Cargo Logistics

Key Highlights:
[1] Baidyanath Kumar, CISO & DPO, JK Lakshmi Cement (Moderator):
+ Generative AI presents a promising frontier in cybersecurity, offering a multitude of potential applications for enhancing threat detection, response capabilities, and overall resilience against cyberattacks. It can make a tangible difference, from anomaly detection and phishing prevention to malware analysis and privacy protection.

[2] Mihirr P Thaker, CISO, AllCargo Logistics:
+ GenAI plays a big role in security operations & monitoring to help response become proactive.

[3] Amarjeet Khanuja, CISO, Star Health And Allied Insurance:
+ Maximising budget and resource utilisation requires a strategic approach to defining GenAI use cases. By focusing on customer-centric solutions, organisations can drive employee productivity while optimising costs.

[4] Kuldeep Tomar, Head – Information Security, Games24×7:
+ Addressing contemporary challenges often necessitates moving beyond traditional methodologies alone; the integration of GenAI technologies becomes imperative. While inherent risks accompany the adoption of new technologies, leveraging their capabilities is essential for problem-solving in today’s dynamic landscape.

[5] Subhash Singh Punjabi, CISO & Head, Enterprise Architecture, Deepak Fertilisers And Petrochemicals:
+ Generative AI can expose organizations to new attack vectors and security risks, but when these tools are used strategically, they can greatly support cybersecurity goals as well.

[6] Kapil Madaan, Global Head – Information Security, Risk & Compliance, Max Healthcare:
+ Generative AI enhances cybersecurity by simulating threats, attack surface discovery, automating detection & response, and complementing traditional measures. Challenges include data privacy, confidentiality, quality and ethical concerns. Future developments will focus on predictive threat neutralization, impacting proactive security practices. Ethical and regulatory compliance remains critical for Cyber Security Leaders.

[7] Dr. Yusuf Hashmi, Group CISO, Jubilant Bhartia Group:
+ Integrating generative AI into SOCs bolsters threat detection and response. It trains analysts with realistic scenarios and automates log analysis, leading to quicker, more effective threat mitigation and robust cybersecurity maintenance.

[8] Soumick Bhattacharya, Global CISO & CDPO, Mankind Pharma Ltd.:
+ We must think beyond proactive security assessment over any Gen-AI tools, with the help of BAS (breach attack simulation), SAST, DAST, SCA, real-time malware sandbox, use of ATP (advanced threat protection), SOAR implementation, threat hunting, and deep-fake security mechanisms. We need to put all these mechanisms on top of Gen-AI to provide a “robust security ecosystem.

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