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4 Exciting Trends In Data Science To Watch Out For In 2020

Making sense of the data is what data science is all about, and this article brings you the 4 most exciting trends of 2020.

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If there is one fuel that is accelerating the IT and Technology industry, it is data. The value for data has swelled up in almost industries and from here it can only advance more. The world saw more and more platforms using data science for their digital transformation journeys and an aggressively growing need for data scientists. 

So, what exactly is data science? It is a combination of scientific methods, algorithms, processes and systems that dig out knowledge and insight from data- structured or unstructured. Data science is a part of data mining and big data. 

As a data scientist or an organization using data science, you might be looking forward to upcoming trends in the field. While 2020 began on a critical note, there is still so much to look forward to in the coming future. 

Here’s Presenting 4 Exciting Data Science Trends To Watch Out for in 2020:

Privacy And Security Of Data

One of the most talked-about concerns last year was data privacy. As more and more companies are getting access to all kinds of user data, a need for regulations has become more prominent than ever. Marketing has become a lot more aggressive which has led to companies acquiring and selling user data for business. 

People are now more careful about who they are giving out their data to and if it is really worth it. After some major data breaches reported in 2019 (link), users have become more cognizant and hesitant of providing data. The least organisations can guarantee is that the data acquired is only used for marketing purposes and will not be leaked or sold to unwanted entities. 

Data science is a field that revolves completely around data and the coming year will see a lot of development around ensuring privacy and security of data. 

Further Advancement In Artificial Intelligence

Machines and humans will be brought closer by explainable Artificial Intelligence. What is it? It is a platform that is transparent enough for decisions to be made by human experts. As an AI becomes more transparent, it will allow humans to understand its explanations with more clarity and then take the right decisions. With a sense of responsibility, humans will be able to better team with machines that they work alongside. 

A Gartner prediction says that by 2023 around 75% of large enterprises will be bringing onboard specialists that study AI behaviour forensics, privacy, and customer trust in order to reduce risks. Users and consumers will be asking where their data is used and how is AI determining their needs with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and Personal Data Protection Bill in India. 

Python As The Programming Language

Computer language Python is going to see increased usage and demand as the most used programming language by Data Scientists!

In a survey by Stack Overflow from 2019, it was said that Python will be the fastest-growing programming language, leaving behind Java and standing second most loved programming language with Rust being the first. 

Even in 2020, Data Scientists are going to be seen using Python for their research and algorithms. 

The Cloud Will Welcome Data

Already establishing its importance across industries, Data Science is bursting with data that needs to be analysed and stored. Having so much data is great for insights but there also needs to be a good provision for its storage. 

For companies that are Fortune 500, a personal computer would not be able to handle the amount of data generated by these companies. While personal and small scale projects can still manage on a 64GB RAM PC but for global organisations and banks, a lot more space would be needed due to the number of customers they attract. 

Cloud computing service providers can come to the rescue for these organizations bu providing cloud storage for a huge amount of data. The advantage with the cloud is that anyone anywhere can have access to data if they are granted permission. Cloud service vendors like Amazon Web Services (AWS) give servers to companies with a RAM of 768 GB. 


The future of data scientists is indeed very exciting and innovative with so many more trends coming up in 2020. Not just the profession, the entire field of Data Science is seeing tremendous growth since it is being explored and already used in more types of firms. Over the next decade, one can expect to see more access to data science in terms of small firms and personal usage as well.

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