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Why VoIP is important and who it is important for, in the Indian market?

Being a fast developing economy in the world, India does have a negligible presence in the list of top global brands. Providing services to the second most populated nation in the world, which also holds the distinction of being the most diverse in terms of cultures, religions, languages and more, poses enough challenges for the domestic players in the market; Yet, this is what gets the best out of them, make these company a global success.

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-By Ankit Dudhwewala, Founder, CallHippo

With all the new Indian startups scaling globally, the most important aspect that they focus on is communication. It is important to build effective as well as efficient communication, across various countries. With changing times, as we left the cord phones behind, it’s now time to adapt sim free numbers, with advanced features that will upscale your business globally. In order to remain at the leading edge of all next-generation technology, companies all over the globe are leveraging VoIP services to avail multiple benefits, including dramatically reduced costs, increased productivity, reliability and customer satisfaction, and much better efficiency in operations overall. It would not be wrong to say that VoIP is the backbone of these globally scaling business.

VoIP systems today are constantly evolving. They provide extremely essential data, to drive your company successfully. Apart from benefits such as measuring employee productivity, easy installation, being extremely handy, Cost-effective, Call distribution, Voicemail; Here are a few features you need to know about, a VoIP system provides that can skyrocket your business.

CRM Integrations
In today’s data-driven environment, not having facts can put you behind your competitors. Having CRM integrations does not guarantee higher revenue or customer satisfaction, but if used wisely, CRM integrations can add more value to you as well as your customers by providing you with information such as customer’s troubleshooting history, past support tickets and other key metrics on each individual agent, such as number of calls taken per day, number of caller hang-ups, average call time. Access to CRM reports helps marketing departments assist agents in a better way that leads to a increase in capture and conversion of customers.

Conversation Intelligence
In today’s era, where customers are becoming more and more demanding, aligning your marketing and sales efforts is extremely crucial. Conversation Intelligence is a feature based on artificial intelligence, which predicts the conversion of a potential customer based on communication patterns. Such data can increase your productivity and helps you channelize where your employees’ time could yield more return.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
We are all familiar with that welcome message telling us to “Enter 1 for English”, but many managers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs underestimate the value that this simple tool brings to the company.

IVRs enable you to record customized greetings and messages so that when your customers call, they will have a more personalized experience. It has multiple benefits, saves you ample of time by directing the customer to a concerned person, providing a personalized experience not only makes it easier for callers but also makes it easier for the agents to provide accurate information and save ample of time.

For instance, you can also divert your calls based on the value, if a high-value customer calls, the IVR will route them to the agent who is most qualified to meet their needs; Also enables you to manage the huge amount of calls simultaneously. This feature portrays your company’s image to be more professional and increases efficiency overall.

Dynamic Number Insertion
Any firm willing to be a part of the global trade needs to follow the concept of ‘Think Globally, Act Locally.’ While maintaining international standards, a company also has to focus on the essentials of various global communities.

With all the multinational companies personalizing their products based on the location, It is now time to personalize the way people interact with your website. With businesses going global, this is a feature that enables you to operate your overseas business by portraying a local appearance on the website. This feature changes your contact number dynamically on your website based on the visitor’s location. This, in turn, increases their trust towards your brand, by creating a belief for customers that it is a locally located and easily approachable.

VoIP phone system has ample of advantages regardless of the size of business. From enabling you to take business calls while you are on the go, to dynamic number insertion; VoIP has it all.
Here is just a mere example of the value a VoIP system can add to your business.

With VoIP, a small business can have an automated message to give the impression of a highly staffed company – even if there are only a handful of employees. You can have one attendant to answer calls for offices located in multiple locations without customers knowing that your offices aren’t all in one place. To the caller, it appears as if everyone is at the same location. Employees can also route their calls to ring any other phone number, even their cell phone. Either way, calls never go unanswered, keeping clients and potential clients happy; Operating your business efficiently.

To cut the long story short; VoIP System is the future of communication.

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