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Is Your Internet Slowing Down? Here Is What You Can Do To Check It!

A few tips on checking for an internet slowdown, fixing it and staying home!

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Staying indoors during this pandemic has been rather bearable because we all have an internet connection. While we have been streaming videos and messaging our friends and colleagues, the unprecedented rise in internet usage might make cause some problems. 

Are you facing an internet slowdown? 

A lot of Indians are complaining about slow receiving and sending of messages on WhatsApp. Since most people are working from home, even WiFi connectivity is taking a hit because of continued usage. In the UK, Netflix has already reduced its streaming quality to avoid internet problems (link), and for India, we can expect the same soon too. 

At this point, the world is only holding onto each other by the intangible presence of the internet. Both entertainment and work are dependent on the 3 curves of the Wifi signal.

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How do you check for internet speed?

To identify what could be causing the internet to slow down, you must check the speed. Sometimes your router may not be connected properly or your switch wouldn’t be working. To be confident that the speed has slowed down, you can download the SpeedTest application onto your phone or visit their website on your desktop. You just need to press ‘Go’ and the app will give you results of the internet speed of your broadband connection. 

What could be the reasons for slow internet?

  • Your router is placed in the wrong spot or it is too old
  • Your Mbps isn’t a good number
  • You are viewing an overloaded channel
  • Other devices are causing interference
  • Over usage

How do you fix slow internet?

  • The most basic and useful step is to reboot your router as that solves operational troubles. If that is not fixing your problem, then maybe you need to reposition your router to a better spot where connectivity is good. 
  • Another solution could be changing your internet plan to a one that suits your requirements more and is able to sustain more usage. Here, you need to be careful about getting a good Mbps number. 
  • Cut down on some of your streaming even though you are bored. Since everyone is dependent on the internet, it is important to prioritise what you will be using it for. Keep work and essential activities at the forefront and cut back on streaming platforms. 

There you go…

You can manage your internet activities and maybe revisit old school forms of entertainment such as TV cable connections. In a time of the pandemic, it is best to stay updated on news and only do the activities that are most essential. Stay home and stay safe!

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